Project cars - Cars you're working on

Dunno if anyone here is a car guy so i figured might aswell post a thread about this. Currently rebuilding an old BMW e30 from 1986. Just curious about projects from other people as i really enjoy cars.


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Have a project Blazer I work on, on the side.

Changed out wiper arms, front wiper motor, alternator, ball joints, sway bar end links. Replaced some fuses. Oil cooler lines. New tires. Tightened the torsion bar to prevent the "Chevy lean". New windshield, motor mounts, various bushings, underside coating, replaced the transmission filter, rear diff service, new distributor cap. Idler pully replacement. Typical water pump replacement, along with belt. New door panels sourced from a junkyard. New front grill. Bowtie. Headlights replaced. Rear wiper motor replacement. Thermostat.

Still have far too much else to do currently.

Also, helping to get a 1971 Plymouth Duster up and rolling again.
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Helping my old man (slowly) rebuild the first car he ever purchased: A '64 1/2 Mustang convertible. The body work is all done, just have to get the engine rebuilt and find someone to rebuild the (unfortunately) automatic transmission.


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I still have my grandmother's 1974 grand prix. I've kinda poked at it over the last 15 years but it's now in the shop getting it's brake system and shocks completely replaced, and the AC fixed. A lot of the interior vinyl trim is crumbly, so I've got some reproductions on order. Other than the carb needing re-jetted the engine runs fine. Body needs a re-spray and some dents removed but is otherwise in good shape.