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You like flight arcade games? Are you a fan of Ace Combat? Well Project Wingman just released on Steam and I've been having a lot of fun.


If you've played any of the Ace Combat games before you know the drill. The enemy has a ludicrously sized air force with plenty of super weapons and nukes, and you're the mute savant about to ruin everyone's day with your complete resistance to pesky g-forces

g1kahuami0i41 (1).png

I've yet to try out the conquest mode, but I hope it adds some replayability to the game, as the lack of content once you finished the campaign in previous Ace Combat games is perhaps my main problem with the series. But from what I've heard the conquest mode should be fun with the ability to create your own flying army and creating challenges for yourself by beefing up the enemy forces to the point that they've got enough jets in the air to darken the sun.

Campaign was good. No cutscenes unfortunately as the game was basically created by three guys on a $100k budget. But the dialogue and briefings are good and give you some idea of what's going on. There's even a character that acts as your co pilot when flying two seater jets.
Even the soundtrack is surprisingly good for a indie title.
Hoping we'll get more indie games that look that good and don't just rely on retro graphics.



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It's a budget Ace Combat at a budget price, all in all not bad. It was a nice surprise since I hadn't heard of it until I saw it was available.

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Played a few missions so far, feels like playing an ace combat game. Plane roster doesn't seem huge, but I do like how planes have multiple hardpoints so that you can install a mix of SP weapons.

Also no time limits, I'm actually okay with that.

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Any of my fellow Kiwis been playing Project Wingman? For those unaware it started life as an Ace Combat fan game and is... Well, an Ace Combat fan game. I'm having a great time with it so far, half way through the story second time around.


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No, I am too poor to buy a new laptop in order to play that game. It looks very similar to Ace Combat and apparently the studio that made it, is very small. I have seen one video where they go into Yellowstone after that super volcano exploded I guess.

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Because portability basically and not being tied to one spot I guess lol. I do know the advantages of a desktop but not willing to buy one at this stage. And I am way too lazy to build my own.
Building a computer is just adult legos. Lmao.

I mean, do you really game on the go that often? You know you can do like a matx or micro build, right?


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The graphics look very amazing though I notice they don't use the proper names for planes like SK-27 or F/D-14 or F/C-16 when its SU-27 and F-14D and F-16C.


The graphics look very amazing though I notice they don't use the proper names for planes like SK-27 or F/D-14 or F/C-16 when its SU-27 and F-14D and F-16C.

Licensing. It's ok if the plane looks suspiciously similar, but you need to pay a license to use the actual plane numbers and names nowadays.

That's a big part of why AC7 didn't include some longtime regulars like the X-29 or F-15S/MNTD: NASA's not selling the license to those anymore.

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