Pronoun use -

I would call them...

  • Whatever they wanted, big deal.

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  • By their biological sex

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I think it's idiotic people get butt hurt about everything now. When I started therapy at a new clinic after moving cross country they asked my pronouns and I just started laughing. The pronoun thing apparently gotten so ingrained that they now have to ask or at least they do in my region.
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Outside the limits of the internet, I've almost never seen anyone be transgendered, and more importantly, never interacted with one.

So to answer the question, Biological sex unless I have to, and I haven't had to yet.
I've run into more normal adults who are married and have kids in a stable hetero lifestyle who claim to be one of the 75,000,000 made up genders and insist on forcing everyone around them to use nonsensical pronouns.

"I'm a genderqueer they/them happily married mother of three boys with a gender studies degree who otherwise lives the lifestyle of a normie, but I want to show solidarity to my LGBTMNOPQRST++-- comrades and fight the Patriarchy!!!!"

I feel really sorry for "THEIR" boys, who will probably end up being chemically sterilized and trooned out before they are educated enough to realize that their parents are mentally ill.

I could care less who you fuck, how you fuck, and what you think you really are, but Virtue signaling is disgusting- especially when you can't even hide that you're only doing it for attention rather than out of some sense of morality (misguided or otherwise)


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Also: If I were you I'd look up all the forms of intersex that exist if you believe a creator created us his likeness.
My favourite one is 5-alpha reductase deficiency, where you're born a girl and when you hit puberty: Boom! Your clitoris grows into a micropenis and you're now growing a beard.
I'm not sure how intersex conditions figure into pronouns. They're incredibly rare and usually the people affected by this will take one side or another. Anyone claiming to be "intersex" isn't, and anyone claiming to be "asexual" definitely isn't.

LordAzazel said:
Imagine a lifelong buddy came up to you, and was like, "dude, if you could please use he/she/they from now on, I'd really appreciate it" and they wouldn't make a big drama out of it the few times you mess up while getting used to it, would you do it?
I'd do it. I generally respect people's pronouns and preferred names out of politeness. I only refuse that courtesy if someone clearly does not have gender dysphoria and has not at least made a decent effort in transitioning to the opposite gender. If someone genuinely has gender dysphoria, even if they do not convincingly pass, then I will respect their pronouns. If someone is just a pervert, I will still respect their pronouns if they put effort into transitioning or convincingly pass.

Gender dysphoria? ---> respect pronouns
Decent effort to transition? ---> respect pronouns
Successfully pass? ---> respect pronouns

None of the above? ---> sorry
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Like many others here, for me, it depends on how much of an effort they‘re putting forth.

If it were somebody I knew who actually seemed to be suffering from gender dysphoria and put forth an effort to pass, sure, why not if it makes them feel better.

If it’s somebody who already passes (or mostly passes) and I’ve never known them as anything else, it would actually feel weird to refer to them otherwise.

But if it’s somebody like Kevin Gibes, on the other hand, no. It feels too much like somebody asking to be referred to by a “cool” nickname they made up themselves.

And if anyone wants to be referred to by a neutral or made-up pronoun, their pronouns are a moot point because I’ll be distancing myself as far from them as possible, as well as avoiding any mutual contacts.


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Met a dude once who was supposedly trans, but he dressed like a guy, talked like a guy acted like a guy, but went by a stripper name similar to Cherry or Crystal. I didn't know that I used the wrong pronouns on him for years.

I recently checked his social media and he declared that he had returned to his birthgender and therefore was male again. I am still confused. If they try to pass and suffer from gender dysphoria I will respect that and use their preferred pronoun though.


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On the internet I might be overly critical of troons but if it was a friend of mine I’d think differently - when it’s someone you know and care about, you’re emotionally invested in them and they’re otherwise not being an asshole about it, humour them.

That said I find non binary shit hard to follow and I don’t buy it - an acquaintance of mine goes by “they” and a masculine sounding name despite being obviously a woman, and I use female pronouns when discussing her with people who don’t know her. Gender neutral language just sounds so forced and unnatural. “They” is fine when referring to a hypothetical person or someone on the internet represented only by a username and avatar, but when it’s someone you know it feels wrong, a bit impersonal maybe.
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Yes I would do it. Because the real world isn't the internet and it's very autistic to go around saying whatever you want without consideration for other people's feelings.
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I'll accommodate them with preferred pronouns, I'm not a cunt about it. But if it becomes obvious they're mentally ill outside their gender dysphoria and have zero self awareness, I'll ghost them. I don't want to deal with their drama and 80 percent of the trans people I've run into in my life have drama.

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Aren't pronouns used mostly when the person is not there, with the notable exception of introducing someone ("this is Cathy, she works with me" or similar) and a few others? So why does it matter so much? It's not as if, in English, we use a lot of signifiers of another person's gender when addressing them directly.


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Use the pronouns that come first to mind. If the Tranny is smart they will use the misgendering as proof they either need to be better at it, or give up on the futility of the exercise before despair turns to suicide. In the end you are helping them by not engaging in the collective delusion. If they are doing it right on the other hand, you won't even notice they are trans at all. Unless they are cunts who advertise being trans like its some sort of badge of honor.

I'll only use "he" or "she". Maybe "they", but I've only ever encountered like two genuinely-dysphoric they/thems. Either way, pronoun usage shouldn't be mandated because they're just words. People have the right to free speech and that includes the right to "misgender." If you don't like that, then you can exercise your right to free association and just disassociate from them.