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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by JSGOTI, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. AFAIK this is accurate. I think it's called DID now and "true" (or as true as we can actually identify) cases are exceedingly rare. Considering what we know of proto the possibility of them actually having DID is around zero fucking percent, give or take.
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    popoto-chan On the internet, nobody knows you're a potato

  2. Considering how Proto can barely keep even the basic "personality traits" (because when you break it down to brass tacks they really aren't anything of the sort) of the two "headmates" straight, I'm almost certain that this is just another way for Proto to feign oppression in the wake of losing her spot as the center of attention of GDQ drama. When you're running a con like this it's usually most sustainable to shake things up and prevent people from catching on. It's like how Spacey came out as gay when Rapp dinged him for sexual assault.
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    Koochiching Adult Trashcan

  3. So the crazies are now seeking methods to not be institutionalized? I mean I've been thinking Proto needs to be put into a nuthouse for years now but this is just making that notion have more validity.
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    Guli Autism is the true Ethnostate

  4. Proto is at AGDQ but is Alexis?
    Im joking.

    First of the fan selfies is dropped
    Can confirm that a few other of its cult are attending
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    Sally I know a lot

  5. Looks like a fat Ben Shapiro who just farted. Fucking hell.
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    Xozx Butt sniffer

  6. It's like Proto is reading from Chris-chan's handbook on how to be a troon. Thinking you are a sonic OC or robot from Megaman? Check. Having multiples inside of you? Check. Now we just need Proto pepper spraying some people at GDQ and screeching about universe merges.
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    SHRIMP #WiggerWednesdays

  7. Look a bunch of gross uggos err beautiful men err troons err trans girls. I wonder how fast the percentage of autistic men who become autistic men in dresses increases and when the first dude kills himself after trooning out
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    Sinners Sandwich

    Sinners Sandwich Eid, Pmurt, Eid

  8. He made stickers so the plebs are aware what pronouns he'll have them address him with.
    Naturally, /v/ had an addition to make. 1546857035251.png
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  9. How the hell are people supposed to know which one of his multis they’re talking to or whatever? Do they just take a guess at which pronouns theyr supposed to use this time?

    I can accept a lot of stupid shit that I probably shouldn’t but I’m never going to understand this multiples shit. It’s called being mentally ill, dude, just get help.
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    PeckingOrder I don't believe my own hype

  10. GULAG is calling.
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    Man vs persistent rat

    Man vs persistent rat A good egg is a nice person

  11. No idea. On twitter he said he'd be signing posts but stopped doing it like a day later so if there was some real life gimmick he's probably inconsistent with that as well.

    In other news, Proto's dopamine reserves are running low because they won't let him host anymore so he has to photobomb random people for attention.
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  12. I like how their "masculine" self that they're calling Proto even looks like fucking Protoman, what a joke. "My identity is a Mega Man character"
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    Rhysuu Might be next to you right now.
    True & Honest Fan

  13. Only Jaret can be exceptional enough to tell what third person pronouns to use, to people that will talk to him directly and will therefore be using you/your.
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  14. you can tell its him by his chin even through the motion blur
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  15. It/Its?

    LMAO that's fucking wild! So it's a woman and wants to be talked to like it's an object?
    This shit feels like it's going to bend backwards into itself and become full-circle reverse psychology.
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  16. He has pretend imaginary friends, just like Phil.
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    kobebyarlant Straight Outta Side 2 Genders

  17. kiwifarms.net
  18. Ended up seeing this sped in the flesh at MAGFest on Friday. Must have taken a detour to shit up the Megaman-athon there with commentary before prancing over to ADGQ. Was just sitting commenting between runs in shitty Hermione cosplay....literally for 10 straight minutes just going on about how "Speedrunning is about being fast" over and over, loving the sound of their own voice drone on. Fully admitted no real speedrunning accolades either. And boy howdy, not losing any time talking about how "autistic" and "plural" they are either.

    I was just amazed at how it's just all this creature has anymore - a few checkmarks on a "special" bingo sheet and an ego to boost them. It was the dumbest shit to witness firsthand. (and there was a lot of dumb to witness at MAGFest this year)
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    VacuousSpooder Spider Baby So Pure

  19. They're not supposed to know which multi, they're supposed to use whatever pronoun and then get loudly screeched at because whichever pronoun they used was always the wrong one.
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    Screaming Bird

    Screaming Bird Let me sing you the song of my people

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