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It was always kind of interesting to me that GDQ had so little female representation. Given that GDQ loves to virtue signal I don't think it was intentional on there part, I'm guessing their reputation drives women away. For reference, while other speedrunning events are still largely made up by male runners and presenters, there's typically more women on staff/performing runs. GDQ has like, three actual women, and even if we're being generous and counting the troon squad, I think that's still less than 10 "women" at what is a significantly larger event than other marathons that have more women present.
the general gaming audience is probably between 7:3 and 8:2 in terms of male:female ratio.
and that's just the starting point - the more autistic the game, the more this ratio goes up. the more competitive you get about your game of choice, the more this ratio goes up. the more obscure and niche a game, the more this ratio goes up.

now consider speedrunning - an ultra competitive, hyper autistic activity which focuses mostly on very niche (because old/outdated/retro) games. i obviously don't have any actual data, but from general observation i would not at all be surprised if the ratio of male to female speedrunners was 99:1 or even higher.

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