• “I had also seen the pressures of the other inmates; pregnant mothers risking their infants lives to see if they would continue onward.“

PS1gamenwatch's World News Megathread

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by PS1gamenwatch, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. South China is a bit understandable. A lot of tension over there, so building one there now is asking for trouble. Just not from Russia obviously. The "celestial dragon" is not going to happy with it, more so than Russia.

    The Caribbean on the other hand is pretty stupid. Russia has almost no influence over there while on the other hand, plenty of Commonwealth nations are there; why shouldn't Britain have a base there? They have a damn excellent claim to do so and I'm sure the US/Trump wouldn't exactly mind it nor the Caribbean nations at whole.
    Most likely, Cuba and Venezuela will throw a fit like this as well but no more.


    Trinidad and Tobago as well. Around 40% are Indians there too.
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  2. Russia needs to blanket Britain in novichok gas.
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    Dynastia woman respecter
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  3. Better look out britbongs, Putin is going to send his barely afloat rustbucket aircraft carrier against your new bases!
    If things escalate, he might even expand his efforts so far that he is forced to reactivate some mothballed ancient fighterplanes.
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    RomanesEuntDomus May contain nuts.
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  4. They waited until after abandoning Hong Kong to do this? Alright?
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    Apoth42 Hehe xd

  5. lol, come and get us once you've found adequate enough soviet tech to fix your fucking ships
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  6. Suriname FTW. They at least still speak
    Suriname FTW!
    They still speak Hindi too.

    God knows South America needs a counter to creeping Chinese encroachment on their natural resources.
  7. *North American Jungle Apes you fucking bigot. :biggrin:

    GnomeofDoc What? I like weird old guns.

  8. https://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/rwanda-japan-commit-strengthen-trade-ties

  9. @PS1gamenwatch China is going to execute a Canadian drug smuggler who was detained in 2014 for trying to bring meth from China to Australia. Originally he was only going to get 15 years, but now he is getting the death sentence in order to punish Cuckdeau's government for the Huawei executive debacle

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  10. RIP Dynastia.
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  11. Duterte was right. And secondly why would the US intervene? Do they expect the US to get involved?
  12. No one is going to intervene in these ancillary tit-for-tat Canadian-Chinese detention cases. US might intervene in the original Huawei case if the trade deal collapses, but that doesn't really have a direct legal connection or even a guaranteed knock-on effect for the Canadian prisoner cases.

    millais The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas

  13. This China and Canada spat is like watching a dumb fat kid beat up a faggot for tattling.
  14. Well, now the Canadian government says it will intercede:


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