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Notorious @Moleman9000 troll GethN7 posted this a couple hours ago:

I’m writing this piece because a lot of idiots either consider the Kiwi Farms to be a GamerGate organization or an anti-GG false flagger. I’ve also heard a LOT of ridiculous bullshit about them being pedophiles (thanks to Vordrak, who has an infantile hatred of the fact they chose to laugh at him and despite being a grown man he cannot accept he’s in the public eye, which is hilarious, since he used to be a politician), and I’m writing this to settle the truth once and for all and cockslap some of the more foolish nonsense.

Contrary to what a bunch of imbeciles believe, they don’t really support GamerGate. In Dungeons and Dragons terms, as a WHOLE, they are Chaotic Neutral, merely seeking to get some laughs at foolish people, regardless of ideology or circumstance.

Yes, they DO laugh at a bunch of “lolcows” who oppose GamerGate, but that’s because they have, as they put it, found more lolcows on that side to laugh at. They do have a few idiots who support GamerGate they laugh at (including Vordrak/Matthew Hopkins), but in the end, they are opportunists, seeking to laugh at anyone who does stupid shit in public.

They recently established a “GamerGate” subforum and even changed their logo to “GamerGate Farms”, but it’s a farce to piss off groups like r/KotakuInAction who have developed an aversion to them since they get blamed for what the Kiwi Farms and other groups like /cow/, /baphomet/, ED, and so on do.

The actual forum reads like a massive parody of GamerGate supporters that is so ridiculously over the top any idiot can tell it’s a massive joke, and any fool who takes it seriously….well, do yourself a favor and quit huffing glue, they are bullshiting, and if they made you mad, congrats, you’re just another lolcow to be milked by them, and I don’t pity anyone stupid enough to fall for their flagrantly transparent ruse.


As explained above, they seek laughs from any person or group they find hilarious to point and laugh at. They have no love of any side, and while their individual members may have their own ideology, as a collective whole, they are there for laughs at the expense of the foolish. Nothing more, nothing less.

They even have two threads specifically for the pro and anti-GG crowd to point and laugh at the other side for those that insist on taking a side, but over 99.99% of the site will get their lulz from any lolcow they feel can produce drama tard cum, and if they support or oppose GamerGate, they do not, repeat, do not, give a shit, they just want to laugh at morons acting like assclowns in public.


Just so I can put Vordrak’s exceptionalism to rest, no, the Kiwi Farms does not have any child pornography. I looked really hard, could not find anything, at least under US law, that would fall under that definition.

However, let’s go over the reasons a bunch of jackasses keep insisting that.

The first would be because there are a lot of people who don’t like the website owner Null, aka Joshua Moon, and their first citable evidence is his Encyclopedia Dramatica page, a place you should never go to for your evidence unless you can back it up with secondary sources. Second, some out of context chat logs (also used on the ED page) are commonly touted as proof.

I tried to confirm them via other sources, couldn’t find shit. This is opposed to Nicholas Nyberg (checked, still his legal name), for whom tons of supplementary evidence was found to prove he was a sick fuck). Also, a lot of the hatred of Moon stems from bad blood from 8chan, where he was former moderation and technical staff, and from what I discovered, there was a lot of bad blood over how he badly handled upgrades to the site that even Hotwheels wasn’t too thrilled about and now a lot of 8chan has some bitter assholes who have it out for Null.

Given the evidence at hand, he might have done a shit job there, but as for him being a pedophile, that’s just thrown in to make him seem more despicable than he may or may not be, and a large part of why those claims are kept alive would be because Null has a bunch of incredibly vengeful enemies who really want to shank his reputation in the shower.

As for the Kiwi Farms itself, THEY FUCKING HATE PEDOPHILES. I cannot stress that enough. Any “lolcow” for whom reasonable proof of their pedophile tendencies exists has their full name and address in the thread title so they can Google Bomb that information, just to piss the pedophile off. Further, their threads on various pedophile communities are filled not only with revulsion and horror at what they find (I checked, they DO NOT allow posting any actual child porn they find, that shit gets immediately reported to the feds, with official sanction and blessing), and they will even organize efforts to signalboost about particularly sick bastards to make sure those assholes don’t fly under the radar.

Frankly, I have nothing against them doing this and find such hatred for the abusers of children commendable and understandable.

In conclusion, I wrote this to put to bed some particularly stupid bullshit about the Farms. I doubt everyone will believe this, but if you want, go check them out like I did and I’m absolutely sure the facts will bear this article out.

DISCLOSURE: I’m been referred to in rather nice terms there, mostly because I have an utter disgust for Brianna Wu’s lies and other nonsense, and a few other lolcows they laugh at have gotten into spats with me and they enjoyed the drama and generally said nice things about how I handled it.

HOWEVER, I am under no illusion whatsoever I would not be laughed at, and if I ever became a “lolcow”, I too would be laughed at, and if that happens, I’m prepared to deal with it and accept it, because I am responsible for public scrutiny for my public actions and I refuse to throw a shitfit over being laughed at and mocked.

I find them amusing, and in the case of their debunking Brianna Wu’s bullshit, find them to be doing the Lord’s work exposing that libeling viper’s con, but as an entity, the site is not my friend, and if I ever fell to their standards of “lolcowdom”, I too would be milked for lulz, and I refuse to forget that fact for a second.
This is clearly libel and we shall dox his entire family and shit in his cereal. WE DO NOT FORGET. WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE

Flowers For Sonichu

2nd Team all-confefence in Kick the Autistic
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Retired Staff
Geth is a lying piece of shit he says we're not gamergate pedophiles because he's trying to devalue all our tireless advocacy for loli content in vidya change that tag to "cuck" right now!!1!
I'm willing to let this one transgression slide because he has trolled Moleman better than Candy or @Enig ever did

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