PULL Gawking Thread - Where we mock the Mean Girls club


The Weeb Wars thread is getting a bit more cluttered again so per @Null suggestion we're gonna have a thread specifically for mocking PULL's thoughts on Vic's case. Post and clip their lukewarm legal expertise and whatnot here.

400 Pages and counting, so plenty of material to grab

Edit: Due to "trolls" Vic now has his own subforum. How cute

They also have a thread on the farms here:

Might fix up the OP later, but I gotta run to work
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Okay. But lemme ask, Farms, what are their respective hierarchy as girlfriend material? What if you have no other choice but them and you have to list them from the most likely to least?
Honest answers only Kiwis. I want to rate these spuds.

Expendable Zaku

"Sieg Zeon..."
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"He's a predator to young girls"

Then prove it, you sped.
Ironically, Shane Holmberg is in his 40s, groomed his BFF's teenage daughter and later married her, lurked around conventions and boasted about being the "one night stand king of the anime con circuit." Probably is an actual predator, and yet, is never mentioned by these idiots. Wonder why...?

Dopey Cunt

Laughing in tiddies.
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LMAO these idiots still somehow think that Nick is Vic's lawyer
Even though literally in his stream last night he went out of his way to reaffirm that he is in fact NOT Vic's lawyer. Ty Beard is.
Sucking off a shotgun is more appealing than a PULL waifu
I'd rather they be the ones to suck off a shotgun. If anyone is gonna eat lead and die, I prefer it to be the pile of wasted human flesh.
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Yeah. But who's the prettier liar than who? Not saying that they're pretty and we would fall for them head over heels. What I'm talking about, fellow Kiwis, is a tier and ranking list.
Well, I mean, we gotta have some pics first. Their personality is hard to nail down as they're all toxic as all hell (lol that a KF user says that).


No controlling legal authority
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LMAO these idiots still somehow think that Nick is Vic's lawyer
The best part is there is no reason Ty would have to do anything to them, a reasonable person, at face value would Nope away from their "evidence" pretty quickly. They're going to get subpoenaed, and publicly doxed, by the defense who need to show their garbage is true. It'll be FUNimation - if they don't do the only good choice they have after being thrown under the bus and settle, not Vic. Casey, and by extension MoRonica, under penalty of perjury, claimed in their answer that Vic was fired because of the investigation. That's no small thing.
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