PULL Gawking Thread - Stupid thoughts from stupid THOTs

Basil II

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How exceptional do you have to be to think Chris went crazy because of the farms, Chris is the kid who changed his name because of an animatronic bear in fucking 1991, in the 90's his dad had to convince the principal to force chicks to be Chris' friends. Chris has such a long history of exceptionalism well before the Farms existed, funny how they're all about kickvic but are defending someone who could actually be called a molester and drew shitty porn of his best friend.


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Jesus CHRIST I've never seen such concentrated psychological projection. These fools describe themselves, their motives, thought processes, etc., with surprising accuracy... then they twist and attribute everything that they are to the "other side" in spite of everything. It's like it is permanently Opposite Day on PULL. I don't know if there's any dose of actual reality that will change that. I don't think they have the mental capacity to comprehend anything outside of their hugbox at this point.


Be curious to see what Pulls admins would do if they get a subpoena from Ty for dox and stuff. I know @Null would tell them to fuck off and get a judge to issue an order. Ty would probably need to know who is who first though. Thankfully Marzgurl has made herself obvious and that is a string that can definitely be "pulled" on.

I really am of two minds on this. On the one hand it hits pretty close to home if a website like Pull gets involved in nasty litigation. On the other hand they brought it on themselves for letting their platform be used by Marzgurl to run her GayOp. There is a reason Gay ops are not allowed around here and this is exhibit A.


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lmao yeah, was just about to remark about that. wut is that guy thinking.
"If I white knight really hard maybe I'll get some of that hot PULL pussy!"

Or more likely he's just a low effort troll who needs to be halaled if he's one of us.

I really am of two minds on this. On the one hand it hits pretty close to home if a website like Pull gets involved in nasty litigation.
People who are thrilled at the idea of another bitchy website for gossiping about and insulting people getting dragged into court should really think about the implications of that.

And people who are thrilled about their website being cited as evidence by people whose lives have become a maelstrom of legal discovery and liability, because of their own behavior they're desperately trying to worm themselves out of, should consider that maybe the people citing them don't have their best interests at heart.


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Man, I tried talking to these people at one point as well, and they just deny anything that goes against their views.

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