Purple Tinker / Jessica Blank / @prpltnkr / Jonathan Louis Blank - Delusional transgender MLP drama magnet, founder of BronyCon, euphoric atheist, wannabe refugee.


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Purple Tinker (legal name Jessica Blank and deadname Jonathan Louis Blank) is a well known figure in the brony community due to his involvement in several popular brony conventions, such as Bronycon and BABSCon. He quickly built up a poor reputation inside his community for his extreme social justice views and his involvement in various drama, and as we all know, being hated by bronies for drama is a lot like being the smelliest piece of garbage in a vast landfill of trash.

Firstly, he dislikes Trump a lot, a position he takes to some pretty paranoid extremes. He's been trying to get refugee status into Canada because as a tranny, he's somehow in danger under Trump's presidency.


His efforts to get into Canada have included a GoFundMe page that was unsuccessful and an even more ridiculous change.org petition. He even went as far as chastising LGBT support organizations who didn't help him get across the border.

He's involved in more than his fair share of brony drama. This stuff requires a bit of explanation given how unusual bronies themselves are so I'm popping these under a spoiler.
There's some minor stuff related to an autist he left stranded in San Francisco, an article about the situation went up on Horse News and he got mad as fuck even after the writer told people to stop misgendering and "slandering" him.

A bigger incident happened at the convention Everfree Northwest, where some guy claimed the convention was full of "racism, sexism, transphobia, and rape culture". Purple Tinker jumped in calling some other guy a transphobe and posting a Facebook conversation with him as proof.


He's had a lot of back and forth with another brony named Kick Neckbeard Ass on Tumblr. I know nothing about him and he seems like a desperate former friend of Tinker given how bullshit a lot of the things he accuses Tinker of are, but he has baited Tinker into saying stupid shit before.


Purple Tinker is ethnically Jewish (according to him) but he's denounced the religion to become a euphoric atheist. He got in a lot of trouble for this tweet:

He also claimed that all religious gay people secretly hate themselves.

His Twitter is currently just a giant salt mine about all the current social justice talking points. Fat shaming, nazi punching, Bill Nye, the number of genders that there are, immigration (which he even made a video about!). One particularly funny example of him injecting himself into the latest SJW fad was his reaction to the JonTron controversy, where he assumed he was somehow important enough for Jon to talk to him personally.

His dox is a bit hard to pin down since he's lived all over the country. There was an old /baphomet/ archive that had some stuff saved, but it was outdated. @Ride got me the deadname and found an address for Tinker that's also listed as the address for BABSCon, so the likely current address is:

Finally, in his effort to rack up as many lolcow points as possible, we have a minor link to the Rat King. Purple Tinker is a former friend of ADF's "girlfriend" Toren Vladimir, but cut off contact with him after calling him a scammer. Now they hate each other.


Derpibooru tag (includes some screencaps and other stuff)
4chan posts under three different tripcodes (first, second, third)
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From Horse News, posted on March 15, 2017 by Rhe7oric. Source, archive
A con staffer for multiple conventions recently by the name of Mustard Seed has recently been blackballed from participating on staff for a number of conventions due to some controversial Tweets and accusations of allegedly being supportive of Nazis from one Purple Tinker.

This action elicited a response from Purple Tinker, accusing Mustard Seed of being a Trump supporting Nazi sympathizer, and promptly contacted every convention she has contacts with in order to remove Mustard Seed from staffing. At the present time, only one convention has refused to do so on the grounds that "as long as the staffer does their job, personal political views should not matter."

As far as Tinker herself goes, ever since the recent US election, she has been known to have gone completely political on her Twitter, posting day by day Tweets and Retweets against Trump, against his supporters, against Russia, and attempting to draw parallels between the administration plus its supporters and the Nazi regime of 1933 to 1945.

Mustard Seed is clearly a member of the #AltBrony hashtag, an offshoot from the Alt-Right movement created in the wake of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign into the Presidency, who more or less just post memes on the internet in support of Trump.

The other Tweets that Purple Tinker has brought forth as evidence are some political based replies, that, while a bit rude and raw, don't make a Nazi.

In response to this tweet from Tara Strong.
And another series of Tweets by Mustard Seed in response to Peter New's recent political claims that sound like they come from the SJW side of Tumblr.

While the above jumble of Tweets are rude, and depending on the convention could certainly be grounds for being fired from staff due to the unprofessional nature of the Tweets, and well within convention's rights to do so - it does not make one a Nazi or a Nazi-sympathizer as Purple Tinker claims. This very kind of mass hysteria generated due to others shitposting on the internet utilizing a cartoon image that people post for laughs has been seen before in the mainstream media in recent times with Pepe the Frog, so much so that the cartoon has now become listed as a hate symbol.

Enter Rainb0w_Dashie into the picture, a center left leaning Brony who noticed all this drama happening and pointed out to Purple Tinker that purposefully writing false things about someone, in this case claiming Mustard Seed to be a Nazi with no proof to back it up, is a form of libel and can be used against her if this ever went to court. Her response was to block him, but not for agreeing with Mustard Seed, rather for pointing out to Purple Tinker, that she is going too far in spreading wild accusations with no viable proof in the form of a witch hunt.

While the video is a bit long, it is recommended to watch the whole thing as he does make some good points throughout. Due to some pure coincidences, it would appear that Rainb0w_Dashie's Twitter account has been suspended not long after posting the aforementioned video. There is no word yet on what could have caused that.

Mustard Seed herself has spoken out against all of these allegations, of which you can read down below.

My rebuttal to the personal and vicious attack made by Purple Tinker

Read: https://t.co/Ve3d0MJ5pz
❤‍Mussy (@CynaminIvyFluff) 10. März 2017
There also exists a video interview between Rainb0w_Dashie and Mustard Seed.
The videos by Rainb0w_Dashie are gone now.

Purple Tinker is still buttmad at Mussy for some of his tweets, including this one that wasn't talked about in the article.

Most recently, she accused Mussy of having anything to do with the Whinny City Pony Con bomb threats.




EDIT: I should point out that I haven't seen anything from Mussy that's anti-LGBT, so the joke about the sandwich is either about the LGBT community (which is pretty cancerous), or it just had nothing to do with his views.
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Christ, what an asshole. There's something endlessly hilarious to me about grown-ass adults losing their goddamn minds over a cartoon for little kids specifically about learning to get along with people and be nice.

[flings threats, insults, and accusations everywhere] FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!


*makes gun do a 180*
Oh yeah, this dude. I'm genuinely shocked we didn't have a thread on him already. I remember hearing something about his bizarre antics a few years ago but I totally forgot about him until a couple weeks ago when me and a few friends watched the Brony documentary for some laughs. This guy's totally bizarre.

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