Quarantine tag 04/29/20 - April 29, 2020


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LMAO I adore the fact that she thinks of Becky and her animals as "things" I never thought she was a psychopath but now I am not so sure.....

I do agree with her view on pollution reduction being a silver lining because of COVID, yeah I know its illogical but my dirty, hippy heathen side is illogical when it comes to the environment :biggrin:
ALR eats 15 different types of processed walmart meat in a day, when those mass produce meat farms are some of the highest contributors to the destruction of the environment. Regardless of meat the amount of food she consumes in general has probably left some ecological footprint because of how excess it is. She also hoards an abhorrent amount of wasteful plastic, makeup, clothes etc. But sure honey, keep LARPing as someone who cares about the environment, Grettalynn.


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Laygs or GTFO.

She can keep spamming her clickbait all she wants, but it's over. Her views are in the toilet and I refuse to give her any more. Literally would rather tune in to an unedited DSP stream than watch this moonfaced turd ooze around her shanty again, it's so fucking dull and played out.

I bet by the time we get the layg video she will be so irrelevant that we won't even know it happened for multiple days.

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What hurts more right now, DSP's ear, or you, dear viewer, attempting to watch this horseshit video? Let's find out, together:

Old school tag video on youtube, Amber doesn't want America to open but she has 17 questions to answer. Oh boy this is annoying. What do you miss? Hanging with friends, leaving the house, going out to eat. It's more than just food, it's atmosphere and friends and Becky and talking while sitting around which she can't do right now. She misses TJ Max and needs a new purse, she can't define need.
First thing to do when this is over is hang out with friends. Nobody wants to come see her, must be a smell problem, loss of it is a COVID-19 symptom after all.
The hardest part of social distancing is Becky not being able to hang out with her mom. Canceled weddings are sad, big moments like graduation and prom not happening or losing a job. Youtube is still open, you're fine you fat moron.
One word mood: worried.
Spotify over Netflix, recommendations for music but Amber has garbage tastes so I won't be checking up on her suggestions especially since she first liked it in a commercial like the world's fattest coomer.
Last show she watched was Secret Life of the American Teenager, you're 30.
Crying, panic attacks and being moody are her ritual.
Leggings are worn all the time but sweatpants are more comfortable and thus superior.
Wants to stick to how she was before quarantine is her goal. This is annoying as fuck.
Snack for quarantine is ducked. We know it's the entire fridge contents though.
Scared of millions dying from the pandemic.
She is not reading right now. No fucking shit.
Last spoke to Becky.
Becky and her pets she can't live without.
Battery level on herself is at 0 or 1%, phone is 70-60%.
Silver linings, but first whine about lighting but rain is making her look bad or something? Shut up and answer the question you exceptional individual fat fuck. Once it's over she hopes people will be more compassionate and take the flu more seriously. Hopes people will be cleaner and feels the world is more together now. Nature is less poluted and happier that it doesn't have to have Amber quaking the ground under her hooves at least.
Check her poop bun for tightness cutting off brain blood supply now Becky, she's sounding stupider than ever. Amber has people she knows in her past with covid who have recovered and are currently hospitalized with the virus, which opens her eyes to the fact it's happening. Haydurs are still a thing during this and Amber is shocked as this is a time for positive vibes, stay the fuck off Phil Burnell's memes and get your own!

Could be good for a hate watch but she's not entertaining and pretty annoying in this one.


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She has some stupidity- mentioning cleanliness.
When we all know you can smell her funk all the way across a football field.

So she mentions leegggins which is fucking stupid- since we all know her leegggins are just stretched out yoga pants from 7 years ago. Pshh bish we know leggings wouldn't even fit over your fat foot.
Noticed the fake ass southern accent is gone here- I guess she's trying to sound like a FAS looking Tricia Paytas? Who knows who the behemoth is trying to emulate this week.

I'm bored with this cow.
Show yer deformed lahgs, heifer!
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I'll give her one thing - she did mention it's hard on Becky not being able to go see her Mom. No Amber, 'panic' & 'crying' are not components of ritual behaviour. Saint Lynn worries about millions dying but not herself? That combined with her NOT saying: "I wish I'd lost all that weight so I'd be at lower risk" tells me the risks of CoVD for her - short & long term fly right over her head.

People have always been compassionate & that has not changed per se in the face of pandemic - it's simply had a lot more avenues to be expressed & yup, people are stepping up big time. But sorry Amber, that compassion has limits & few are going to waste it on you.

Yes, lowered levels of pollution & human activity are good for nature but widdle birdies & baby bunnies in my area are being happily chomped up by a pack of coyotes that moved in & crows. Mother Nature is a relentless bitch. Nevertheless, it IS nice to see & hear more wildlife.

Interesting that she saw fit to mention several times that she has opinions, apparently strong ones but doesn't want to share them. Why not? That's what adults DO in grown up conversations & an animated debate is good for the brain.

This pandemic is a far cry from her YA dystopian reading. Yeah, sometimes a protagonist dies but it's not real. This IS real & it's messy & horribly unfair but that is part of life. No matter what governments do, what decisions they make about opening up or not, people die & the rates of substance abuse, domestic violence, suicide & other societal ills are going sharply upwards. Those deaths matter too & you couldn't pay me enough right now to "run" any geographic area, to make those tough calls & worse live with knowing it's damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I cold smell her desperation from here, even over the usual funk.


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Fatty's income is dire enough to where she has to do quantity over quality. She knows she'll be hurting once summer comes. The smart move is to probably get the money now while she still can. Her views are never going to recover, she's been supplanted by other deathfats.