Queen Guitarist Brian May Wants A New "Live Aid" But For Climate Change - To raise awareness of one of the already most talked about social problems mankind faces.

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Can't this fucking guy just sit the fuck down and enjoy what he's got to accomplish because of Freddy instead of trying to smoosh it in everyone's faces and pretend like he's relevant? Brian May has become the ultimate "Uncle Rico" of the rock industry. Just can't let something from 30 years in the past go.

I feel like if you had a casual conversation with him, he'd reference Live Aid 3 times. Fuckssake, the only reason the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" got made was because he wanted to recreate that set he played. It was literally the ONLY part of the movie that was factual and done to a disturbingly accurate detail. The rest was pretty much make believe.

So now he wants to do Live Aid but for Climate change to raise awareness. Raise awareness of something that is already hanging over Gen X, Millenial and Zoomer generation's heads on pretty much a daily basis since you seem to can't escape reports and news stories about it.

A bunch of mega rich musicians flying in on personal jets to lecture us about how we need to change our consumerist ways to help the planet? Or so he can try and recreate the Radio GaGa scene again?

34 years on from the original concert, Queen guitarist Brian May wants to see another Live Aid event to raise awareness for climate change.
Back in July of 1985, the world of music changed forever. Inspired by the plight of those affected by the Ethiopian famine, Bob Geldof put in a few calls to begin organising the now-iconic Live Aid concerts.

Taking place at England’s Wembley Stadium and America’s John F. Kennedy Stadium, these two concerts helped draw widespread attention to the effects of the famine, with broadcasts drawing in 1.9 billion people, and related events helping to raise £150 million in the process.
While subsequent events have since taken place (including 2005’s Live 8), one of the most memorable moments of these performances was undoubtedly Queen, featuring frontman Freddie Mercury at his charismatic, crowd-pleasing best.

Now, Queen’s Brian May feels that another concert should take place to help tackle the ever-present threat of climate change.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, Brian May explained that the problems faced by the world at the current time undoubtedly necessitate another wide-scale event to help bring attention to the issue.
“It probably would take the younger generation to take that bull by the horns,” May explained. “We’d help in any way we can but I think that’s what it would require.”
However, May explained that with this issue being “so enormous”, the idea of a star-studded concert might not be anywhere near enough to make a difference.
“People have seen so many concerts since Live Aid purporting to be solving the problems of the world so it’s not quite as easy as it seems,” he added.
Of course, Brian May isn’t the first to suggest such a concert, in fact, 2007 saw the debut of Al Gore’s Live Earth concert, which intended to raise awareness for climate change and its effects.
With multiple events taking place around the world (including one at the Sydney Football Stadium), it’s unclear how much Live Earth raised, and its second event in 2008 was cancelled before it began.
In related news, Queen are set to bring their Rhapsody tour to Australia in 2020, performing shows all around the country with acclaimed singer Adam Lambert tackling Freddie Mercury’s iconic vocals.


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I mean I really don't see the point of this, if you raise money from this what are you going to spend it on? Plastic collection efforts in the sea, species conservation? Climate change isn't really a money issue, the money's already there it's just being spent on fossil fuels. This is just a guy who can't stand Queen not being in the limelight, get a grip son you had your Oscar nominated biopic on Freddie. Leave the poor man to rest.

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Yes, because nothing will help reduce carbon footprints like a bunch of musicians and their equipment being flown into one spot on jets and trucks.

When's the last time Brian May created something not riding his 70's and 80's accomplisments with Queen?
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So it's literally a case of the old school London champagne socialists who live in their own little bubble trying to do something pro-active in their retirement. These people live boring wealthy lifestyles. Kensington is the wealthiest area of London, and it's stocked full of 60's style boomers who basically cashed in during the angry young men period of British subcultures and haven't really done anything since.

These are the same out of touch people, who still have neighborhood pubs, gardens, and don't really believe things are as bad as they say they are because it hasn't ever affected them in some way or another.

They still believe that university is the cure all to unemployment, because it worked for them. They go to garden parties, and operas, and they drink a little too much.

They still think of the lower class, (Cockney's in London, though they no longer effectively exist,) as nasty and brutish, though have since become the social equal of the upper classes they used to dislike in their youth, and who they've effectively amalgamated into.


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Didn't we do this in 2007, with Live Earth? Except it caused more harm due to the bands using more carbon to travel to the events than necessary.

Friendly reminder that all the Live Aid money went to genocide happy warlords.
Actually, it was a cocaine laundering scheme. Zappa told me so.

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We should make a movie about all the sex Brian May was having during Queen’s heyday. It’s a miracle he didn’t die alongside Freddie, he should be grateful about that much.


In that way, I think I respect Led Zeppelin more in that they actually called it quit altogether when John Bonham died and have never seen them trying to lecture people like hypocrites. Never have even seen them commenting about politics.
To be fair, I really liked the Queen+Paul Rogers Live album.

But yeah, "raising awareness" of climate change is what you do when you want to give the impression you're helping, but in the easiest way possible. Everyone is already aware of climate change, they have been for decades now, what we need is an answer for it, plus someone with enough spine to actually look at the major problem (not "America is at fault for everything.") I.E. China and India.

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