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Amber said:
Whether you want to accept it or not, YouTube is my job
Is this whole video going to be her telling us stuff we already know? We know it's her job. It's a job she's very fucking lazy at and and puts virtually no effort into, but yes, it's her job.

Yet again she says she's down 88 lbs. Expects us to believe she gets 10 piece nugget, small fry, and NO McFlurry when she goes to McDonald's. Almost 20 points off her BMI!

Muh eating disorder, muh food addiction. She will never be perfect, she will never restrict to the point she won't allow herself a few bites of candy. Yeah, ok, fine. Still not losing weight? You're eating too much of whatever you're eating that isn't candy.

Hates that she's using candy as an example because she "doesn't eat that much candy".

She started binging very young, at like 10 years old. Believable.

Nutritionists are different from dieticians and weight loss doctors who don't specialize in eating disorders! Who cares? The first time a nutritionist says something Amber doesn't like, she'll drop whatever plan they've given her while declaring she knows what works for her. We already saw this shit with her IG dietician in 2018 and the weight loss doctor last summer.

She's had cancer for a very long time, it has nothing to do with her weight loss. Stop downgrading it (her words) to fit your narrative. That's so negative, how could you ever say that to someone?

It's mind blowing people are giving her shit for eating candy on video! It makes her want to stop being honest about what she eats (oh for fuck's sake). She does eat candy. She does eat take out. But she eats it in moderation!

Since she found out she had cancer, she's lost maybe 2 lbs.

She's stuck. She's stressed. She wants to feel content, because content = safe. She doesn't want to have to worry about people being fucking rude (POINT BLANK PERIOD) about what she puts in her videos. Becky is fucking gorgeous.

Fatphobia is real! She's not backing down, pretty privilege and skinny privilege is real, she eats a bite of candy and people act like she's murdered someone.

She believes in karma. You're gonna get back what you put out, haydurs.

She's done things in the past, she apologized. She's boring. She has no new controversies, she's not doing anything bad, so people need to keep bringing up shit from 5 years ago. Unfortunate. She's not a bad person. Y'all are laughable for nitpicking her over it.

People get attacked if they publicly announce support for her. She gets lots of private support.

This video is for the no lifers with beer bellies living in their momma's basement, not her supporters.

If you choose to attack her for the smallest things, you are fatphobic. You can still be fat and be fatphobic.

If you don't like her content, don't watch.

TL;DR: Amber is big mad and gonna do what she wants. If you don't like it, GTFO, point blank period.
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"I feel like I'm being put into this little box that no one is letting me out of"

"Little", sure

ETA: One of my new favorite tropes in the Amberverse is how she justifies a terrible decision or validates a delusion through CRYEEN. "I might have binged, but YOU GUYS, I CRIED ABOUT IT" or "I realized how well I am doing yesterday and I GOT EMOTIONAL!" So fake and so forced! It is reminiscent of an alien impostor trying to emulate human emotions in order to fool real humans.
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Says she doesn't want to be put in the box of a weight-loss channel... spends whole time congratulating herself on weightloss.

She complains about fatphobia and then almost immediately says all her haters are living in their mother's basements with beer bellies. That's not very fat-positive of you Amberlynn.
lol I almost felt like "living in your mamas basement with a beer belly" was a dig at Becky
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It could be the lighting, but you can really see where her hair is thinning on either side of her head.
Over exposing the video to hide the dark circles, jaundice, non-healing scars, bad skin, and beetus knuckles sounds good until you realize you still look like a corpse, only balding and bad at photography.

She's so bad at everything, it makes me laugh.


Mir egal was sie gibt, ich hab' nie Genug
Dear Haters,

Stop hating and just accept me. I’m actually doing great.

Amber Reid

Now that you have trolled your audience once again, wait for the feedback from both “sides” to pour in. Rinse and repeat increasingly until you don’t make any actual content. Her views will continue to plummet like before cancer if she keeps this up.

And also her arguments don’t count as straw men as she doesn’t know what the word means.*sigh*
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