Queen of Moderation (livestream) 05/05/20 -


She sleeps in commando in that mumu (or naked, so she claims). Her sweaty fupa(s) chafing against her actual pubic area probably causes enough friction to rip each hair out like an EpiLady. Once it's bare, the i'm assuming the chafing will cause leathery skin, damaging the hair follicles. No longer feeling the pain of hair being ripped out at the root is probably how she knows she doesn't have pubes. Meanwhile she'd like us to believe she's just dainty and hairless.

I imagine this happens with her pits and inner thighs, otherwise, they must look like untended chia pets. There's no way she can shave those regions.


You guys smell that...?? Desperation... with whiffs of contradiction, a dash of lying and manipulation and some fupa juice to tie it all together.

Seriously... With these live streams she's undoing the entire narrative she's trying to spin.
"Let me snot cry in a video for sympathy... tehehe... But I'll act like a smug cunt with not a care in real time."
She's so unbelievably dense...


Mr. God
I wonder what the future holds for Amber if this what she has come to - a daily vlog situation kind of deal?
An agonizing, embarassing death in the next 10 years tops, Beggy and Co gobbling up her meager assets (and maybe her corpse if the Coof makes food supply scarce), and an enduring legacy of being one of the fattest and stupidest women to ever live.