Disaster 'Queer feminist mermaid' Dem aims for Senate seat of Maine's Susan Collins - Fox

Dr W

Heaven is void of light
I never thought I'd miss the days of the Tea Party and crazy fundie candidates but here we are.

For fuck's sake, Democrats. Get it together.
Honestly, I'm just waiting for the bottom to drop out and everyone becomes either an Alex Jones tier lunatic or a hormone high troon.

It's gonna happen.

America is going to die by its own hand.

Guts Gets Some

"Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa




Big tiddy Nazi GF
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Jane Lane

I met a high ranking mason at a gay bar
True & Honest Fan
It's true what they say: there's no such thing as bad publicity. Can you imagine how many more shitty songs she'll sell?
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What'll it be, boys?
"Too young and has no political experience"
Yeah, that's my biggest concern too...
Yeah, I was psyched about finally having an Aquatic American in office, but only 31?

And is Bre a real name? It sounds more like a sound than a name, like Blort Wilson, or Splink Matthews.
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