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So I've been working on an OP for a RoosterTeeth thread, but I noticed a shittier thread was made by another user a couple years back. I was wondering if that would be an issue, or if I could just start a new one in the prospering ground? For the new OP, I do plan on including the tweets, posts, and videos, all of which archived and partly saved on the RWBY thread in multimedia. I know the obvious will be asked: why don't you keep it in the RWBY thread? My reasoning for it is that Rooster Teeth has gone from being an amusing topic towards failed attempts at animated media to a corporate lolcow almost to the likes of Channel Awesome, with less rape jokes. Pissing off fans and trying to be woke instead of making genuinely good sketches like they used to.

And yes, I'm open to feedback on improving the OP I've worked on, as it is still a work in progress. If anyone wants to contribute, I'm down for that as well.


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Go for it, the hive of scum and villainy deserves a proper write up, worse comes to worse we can beg/shame a mod to merge the two together and create a thunderdome out of the spergy pieces that are useless.


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Post it in Prospering Grounds, you'll get a lot of helpful feedback there; just make sure you have screenshots and archives of everything from offsite you're going to add to the thread.
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