Quinton Flynn has been #MeToo'd. - Got it memorized?

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Can't even fucking believe casually flirting is now grounds to get you #MeToo'd.
What make it hurts is that the girl was publicly selling herself out making porn, then Flynn came up to ask for more content (in the nicest way possible for people like this). He doesn't care for her, he just wants more porn videos. I bet you 5 bucks this girl #Metoo'd him just because he's a celebrity, not a random stranger fan.

EDIT: Noticed that she flirted first. He flirted back. Then she encouraged the behaviour and he backed off. What the fuck did she expect?
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I don't feel sorry for some of these people because they made stupid decisions for celeb dick and now they want a pity party. If you're in your 20's you were old enough to know better and not whore yourself out.


This however is scummy if true, especially if he knew they were 17. He was just asking for trouble with that

He's doing all of this while married. Adultery isn't enough for you?
Dick move, but not a crime.

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Fucking your fans is not sexual assault so long as they consent, feminists find it "creepy" because of the "power dynamic" between someone who's famous and someone who's not, but that's still not illegal or sexual assault if a person consents, famous people have been fucking fans for as long as there's been fame, why do you think people want fame to being with?

Puritanical feminists just hate the idea of men getting pussy period and want us all to be incels.

I met Quinton Flynn at a con once and he seemed like an alright guy, so he likes to get his dick wet, well, he's only human.

Well, fans are crazy too (see Vic and the Yost twins). I would advise not to fuck them nowadays merely based on that.


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I hear they're trying to MeToo James Arnold Taylor as well, the voice of Tidus in FFX, why can't they leave our 2001 blond pretty boy video game character voice actors alone!?

I haven't seen that dude in years, but didn't he become like...super sickly after breathing in black mold for a year?

Like the last time I saw a video of that dude he looked so haggard and exhausted. I can't believe he'd be fucking his significant other regularly let alone con thots.

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