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Is Quinton able to redeem himself?


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Good for him. I really mean it. If a relationship forms and pans out maybe he wouldn't be so desperate for attention and thus make better videos.
Though, showing DMs as proof that women want you to your followers is kinda pathetic.
He might be on the spectrum but he seems to be aware that all the fans he has left have a weird infatuation with him. May be this a testament to this being the nicest thread on the Farms.

Semi Offtopic: It pisses me off how little attention to the Mayans and Apocalypto was dedicated in his latest video.
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unironically i believe people like Quentin and his new orbiters are still incels on the inside despite the overcorrection of behavior, and genuinely can't imagine women or minorities making something that can even tangentially be related to something they disagree with in their own mind, even if it's brought on by completely unrelated people.


nearly 40% of the cuphead dev team consists of people that, in any other situation, Quentin and his new fans wouldn't dare make such claims about out of fear of social and political backlash (and that's not even taking into account if any of them are gay). however, if i bring up gamergate as a bad white person thing, that makes people think i'm a safe harmless guy that'd never be a big meanie to a woman or POC; that'd be against my privilege that i'm super constantly aware of! don't fucking step out of line though or else you're a racist misogynist white man now or otherwise "brainwashed" by them to "internalize their ideas" and thus need to be saved by powerful empathic men like them.
it's a baffling infantalization of women and anyone that isn't white that can only come from a place of genuine belief that they aren't as strong or capable as you, as Quentin faces none of the marginalization that he constantly claims to be protecting others from, and believes he needs to do so without honestly asking himself why he thinks they need protection.

what these people do is very similar to Grooming i've noticed, but instead of preying on children who will always have less power than an adult, they try to reduce the amount of power an adult (or still children in the bad cases) believes they have in the world, forcing them to remain close to people who can "protect them" and threatening to ostracize and hurt people that believe differently to keep that idea and environment going. it makes a lot of sense why the standard straight male "feminist" always turns out to be a sex pest when their entire methodology is so similar to how children and battered spouses are kept in a state of abuse.

the only difference between Quentin and other people like him is that instead of doubling down and outwardly becoming just as racist/sexist as they really are on the inside when challenged by anyone that doesn't fit your idea of a "bad person", he capitulates and attempts to apologize as much as he can to avoid losing his new "friends" and what little respect he has left from people. i don't think it's good that fans are interacting with him so personally when his behavior has been so personally motivated without taking a matured sense of empathy into the situation, coming from a person that he would probably bend over backwards to claim he's not a racist bigot to if approached about this in real life

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I guess because Gamergate people "harassed" Dean Takahashi for being terrible at video games? But I thought Gamergate was about harassing women, not video game journalists?
From the tweet I don't think it's about that. When Cuphead came out the usual clickbait rags pushed some articles about how the game is problematic because it used the same art style some racist cartoons also used in the 1930s. There are plenty of non-racist cartoons from that time (only 11 cartoons from Warner Bros are censored, famously known as The Censored Eleven, for example) and Cuphead didn't have any racist content of course, so this was just some manufactured guilt by association bullshit. Pretty much everyone told them to fuck off and I guess the people who are dumb enough to read articles like that in earnest are still bitter about it and now try to tie it to next Gamergate they so desperately want to happen.

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It will NEVER be over will it? I get that Quinton and people like him haven't done any actual important activision but do they have to constantly bring up a spergfest that only true internet no lifers care about. It feelss like gamergate is the internet hard-left's niggėr, except blacks have an actual reason to be pissed about nigga.
It's been 6 years and people are still talking about it like a jilted ex.
Fuck me, leopirate was right. It truely was the 9/11 of the internet.

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I do not have any backing for saying this but I think the frenship between TRO and Quinton has been over for a while and j aubrey chimp out is the most official ending to it we will receive. Obviously I might be wrong but j aubrey and TRO are very close collaborators, both content wise and personally. They are both very, VERY gay and constantly make jokes about fucking each other. Also TRO has appeared on the Daftpina video calling Quinton out and in Internet Historian latest video so maybe all is fucking over because last time they interacted it was not in a very friendly manner, but again all of this are things I am getting from my ass.
A secondary theory is that TRO influenced Quinton so much that he, accident or not, groomed him into bi-curiosity. Again, no basis in reality but rather my own stupid theories based solely on the weird shift in character. What is undeniable, sexuality aside, is that he has been acting like a colossal faggot for a while.
Now real shit that happened.
For some reason I have not bringed this earlier but since it should be around the corner there is no better time than the present.
For two years in a row Q has been complaining that he never gets invited to YouTube parties anymore at VidCon and since it is very likely there wont be an edition this year, at least in the social aspect, Quinton manufactered the master plan of making a skit that demands a crossover to happen. You might remember when he mentioned Shaun and TRO on Twitter, it was for this. When I was notified of the plan all that there really was of it was two pages, being this the only noteworthy extract.
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