Quinton Kyle Hoover / Quinton Reviews / Q_Review / OttselSpy24 - fat fuck, anti-transphobic faggot, worshipper of Garfield and certified breadtuber

Is Quinton able to redeem himself?


    Votes: 63 15.0%
  • Not without Caleb

    Votes: 93 22.1%
  • Only inside a bouncy castle

    Votes: 227 53.9%
  • After his love quest is over

    Votes: 64 15.2%
  • With the love of a true and honest whaman

    Votes: 55 13.1%

  • Total voters

No creativity

If any one asks me why I find beards terrible and gay this is what I'm going to point everyone too.

It blows my mind that they think those beards look good on them
Soy beards are generally only grown to at least partially cover someone's double (or quadruple in Boogie's case) chin or the lack of one. Personally I'm grateful that I get to see less of their face.


How long do you think before he becomes an anime reviewer and eventually ends up aguring with Digibro over ethics of some anime crap?

My bet is a month at the rate he is going
I'm more or less willing to bet he'll make a video about the Vic Mignogna drama, disguise it as a critique, call it a joking video, and then decide to take it down once the #IstandwithVic people dislike bomb his video.

EDIT: Oh, and calling it right now that if he does make vid on it - He'll support #KickVic.
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You're a faggot Harry

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His first mistake is thinking anyone gives enough of a shit about him to want to kill him.
Nah. His first mistake was getting himself wrapped up in all this drama, only to let it escalate to the point of no-return.

Had he acted more maturely towards the commentators or not shit on Mumkey after he lost his channel, this thread never would have existed.

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