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Is Quinton able to redeem himself?


    Votes: 189 14.1%
  • Not without Caleb

    Votes: 200 14.9%
  • Only inside a bouncy castle

    Votes: 569 42.4%
  • After his love quest is over

    Votes: 394 29.4%
  • With the love of a true and honest whaman

    Votes: 348 26.0%

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Tess Holliday front butt
True & Honest Fan
I guess the sex doll and Garfield plush wasn't doing it for him, but why Ellis of all people Quinton?
We all know that Q is a thirsty incel, and there are two things he wants more than Garfield crap: to be accepted by the BreadTube Gang, and to be noticed by his waifu Contra.

Since Contra is too busy popping Oxycontin and waking up covered in his own vomit, the only avenue left for Q to achieve his BreadTube & Waifu dreams is via Lindsay Ellis, the other Queen of BreadTube.


Hehe xd
True & Honest Fan

Quinton's dream has been achieved. He is now considered a breadtuber... well, not by the clique but by the people.

Woke Blue Muttlema

The Official 15th Doctor
True & Honest Fan
Don't pity Quinton, he doesn't deserve it. He is pathetic, yes, but he gets to sleep on the bed he made. Every fucking time he gets BTFO'd and I feel bad for him I just had to remember he is getting what he fucking deserves. The following are a collection of miscellaneous tweets that happened when the Farms were down and I felt like preserving.

Weird cousin Quincy being a good comrade.
ice cream 1.PNGice cream 2.PNGice cream 3.PNG

Quinton was giving away his transformation way before last night's disaster.
lol fatty.jpg

Reminder: Q had to pretty much beg Billy D to get in the list.

Also, remember that in the very first weeks of this thread we all hailed Lindsay as his waifu. It was until April of 2019 that we started to think he was into Hontra. And much later when Jebby was mentioned for the first time.

All in all, Q Boy, stop being a prick for fucking once and learn how normal adults act about friendships for God's sake.

Popper Whiting

Irreverent Crack Baby
These sophisticated progressive intellectuals sure get into a lot of middle-school tier drama with each other.
That's because like a lot who are vocal about progressive politics it is all about the image. They're happy to stick a rainbow flag filter on their selfie and #BLM in their social media bio. They're more than happy to buy the Che Guevera shirts and talk about revolution and how they'll play a glorious part in it. They're always happy to do what makes them as an individual, look good. But they'll never support a union, they show open contempt for the working class, and often dismiss policies that would help the plight of the countries poorest with the excuse "it doesn't go far enough" because they can't benefit from it or claim credit for it. They wont support business or job initiatives in poor neighborhoods but will gleefully cheer on the people from those neighborhoods burning down their own shit once again larping like this stuff is a revolution and not pent up frustration at constantly being stuck in a shithole and a cycle of shitholery (for a number of reasons that are both the fault of the shithole community and factors outside of that community). It's all show and no delivery.

The Progressive or left wing politics is a useful prop for narcissistic people to pretend they're not complete and utter bags of shit stuck in a high school mentality. The Breadtube/SJW clique is just a bunch of mean girls who are trying to virtue signal their way into popularity. Quinton and Moviebob are just that awkward, needy socially inept frump who wants to join the mean girls but through their own stupidity/ineptitude constantly fuck it up.

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