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Is Quinton able to redeem himself?


    Votes: 186 14.1%
  • Not without Caleb

    Votes: 197 14.9%
  • Only inside a bouncy castle

    Votes: 563 42.6%
  • After his love quest is over

    Votes: 387 29.3%
  • With the love of a true and honest whaman

    Votes: 342 25.9%

  • Total voters


"Consider Euthanasia!"
Edit: Sarah mentions early on that is creator that mentions when she doesn't reply. To my knowledge Quinton doesn't have the balls to do this.
Holy shit Quinton there's a reason it's called "Parasocial Relationships" because that shit is parasitic in nature, why the fuck is he so obsessed with internet crap?

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Would he be Quinton if he had any self awareness?
Quinton is cursed with awareness, but the incapacity to act on it.

I want to extend a toast to Mr. Reviews for officially making it to the Big Boy Club with 434k subs, 40k blocked accounts, two callouts on being a creep and 200 pages in the Kiwi Farms. Even though we had doubts and were optimistic about him rising and reaching redemption he surprised us at every turn by consistently failing to learn about his mistakes.
Quinton, please take care and hopefully, you get a life once the quarantine is over.
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At least with quinton he wouldnt try to delete a channel look up movie bob’s attempt to cancel memeology
Although I’m probably speculating about this one of his fans or him probably deleted monkey Jones’s YouTube channel
Has anyone ever thought of that?
I don't think random people who happen to be fans of Quinton have the ability to delete a channel.


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Robotnik is still the bae.
there's not even any fun drama with quinton. it's all just so sad.
I'm honestly enjoying the hell out of it.

Quinton normally tries to stay in the field of neutral to pity searching. But now that he's been revealed to be "that" kind of person his usual routine is like him acting even more like a big baby.

Say what you will about Ellis, but when she interacts with the other cows on here (especially after dealing with CA) she just puts them through the fucking wash.

Now Q is gonna be freaking out that this is gaining traction and he has nothing else to fall back on. Very excited to see him crack under pressure and most likely shit his diapers.

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