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Is Quinton able to redeem himself?


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  • Not without Caleb

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  • Only inside a bouncy castle

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  • After his love quest is over

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  • With the love of a true and honest whaman

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Pump Meat

I honestly think Quinton is his most authentic when it comes to Garfield and that enthusiasm is easily communicable. It is like that Hampturel guy who designs and builds underwater habitats for fucking hamsters; it is pretty stupid on the face of it, but people can’t help but like the guy because he is clearly engaged in an activity he enjoys and people almost always respond positively to these kinds of things. When Quinton goes over a piece of Garfield esoteric lore or some arcane facet of Jim Davis’ biography, people just see a chubby dude with a scruffy appearance genuinely excited about something mundane and have no problem allowing Quinton’s enthusiasm to be infectious. This is exactly the kind of fertilizer that allows healthy parasocial relationships to grow.

Of course Youtube progressives are consummate consumers and their obsession with brands bleeds over into politics. Quinton doesn’t want his “Social Media” portfolio to simply be that of a dowdy male lesbian who exists on the margins of the lower-middle class because all his disposable income is spent on collecting memorabilia. In order for his brand to be in equilibrium with his circus politics, he has to expose the world to all his insecurities and neuroses which can be parlayed into the worn old talking points we are all familiar with.

What Quinton doesn’t realize is that this doesn’t really work for him. Contra Points can do it only because their life is fairly grotesque filled with untreated trauma and substance abuse and with the looming genital mutilation, Quinton can’t compete with that kind of woke display of infotainment. Schlubby white guys with a collection of transformers on a shelf behind them is not an aesthetic one can monetize, it needs something more compelling than delayed adulthood and Quinton’s most compelling form is enthusiasm that isn’t cynical or forced.

Too bad he can’t get out of his own head long enough to do that.


Or you could be a reasonable non-self obsessed human who doesn't have a victim complex and assume they were responding to person A and had nothing to say to you....just a thought really.

Also, this is why Quinton doesn't have lasting relationships with any youtuber. One perceived slight and he will talk shit about them vaguely over twitter. Does he think they won't recognize who he is bitching about? At least @ them Quinton so you don't look like such a dickless bitch.