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(No) thanks to this thread popping up here recently I sunk about a week off and on into reading the discussions on that cesspit.

I've learned a three things:

  • Apparently I'm all of the assholes, because about 2/3rds of the time I disagree with the common consensus. Who knew? Apparently not me. Oh well. I guess I'll just learn to live with my assholeness.
  • If you do one thing wrong, you're an unredeemable lying asshole in all other aspects of your life. Yell at your wife in a mutual fight over finances? You're probably lying about everything you posted, and you're probably cheating on her and beating her too. Don't deny it, the proof is right there when you said you got angry. What, "got angry" doesn't even mean "yelled at"? Well, of course it does, you liar. Why would you keep lying now?
  • Perhaps related to the above, apparently the hip and trendy thing to do is to completely sever all contact with your friends and family if they do anything wrong. This is completely normal behavior and should not be criticized or tempered in any way. 19 year old telling their entire family they're dead to them and they never want to speak to them again over an insulting Christmas gift? Completely justified and in no way possibly could be regretted five years down the line.


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Seconding it being a troll, they're talking about a blue-eyed and blonde 'tough guy' falling apart because of some sad background. This is either them just fan-fictioning or trying to stir the pot.

If it is real they're a titanic asshole but I don't believe it.

Decided to check their username and they're a year old but have no other posts not related to that. It's just a troll.


AITA for saying my (now ex)boyfriend is bi for sucking and being fucked by the penis of his ex, who is a transwoman

Well, this might be the fakest one so far. Yet, the comments are genuine, and boy are people up in their arms.
"YTA, maybe he is bi, maybe he’s not but you don’t get to decide for him. Also transwomen ARE women so realistically unless there’s a huge chunk of the story missing he’s only been with women."

"YTA. For one, this is kind of transphobic to say, since he likely (along with his ex) considered their relationship a fairly normal hetero one. For another, don’t tell people what their sexuality is. It’s very personal. "

"YTA. His ex-girlfriend is a woman, penis or not. On top of that, you don't get to tell someone what their sexuality is. "

His ex is a girlfriend, penis or not... Hahahahaah, let that one sink in, folks.


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^I'm not sure if the op is a troll or not. She's been replying to a bunch of people in that thread and her replies don't seem troll-like to me. Sucking someone's dick is still really gay though.