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Dec 16, 2014
While I'm glad you told us about your racial preferences for your tranny fetish, masculinity is a product of mindset, not race. South Korean special forces aren't to be fucked with.
it's because Asians look like girls. Throw an Asian guy in a wig and a dress and you can't tell him apart from his sister. I prefer white trannies though, being an Asian trap is easy mode.

Chris did nothing wrong

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Aug 5, 2015
"We should beat Asian women for hanging out with other races!"


"UGH! BLACK PEOPLE!" (Bonus points for linking to a white nationalist channel)


"I'd date a woman who's been with non-Asians in the past, but I'd treat her like an object, not a person."




"Once the West inevitably collapses on itself and Hollywood gives way to the superior Asian film industries, this is what a typical movie will be like: a farm of white women where Asian men breed white women strictly for the purpose of sex. In the farm there are white men in cages where they are forced to have anal sex with each other and the sperm from ejaculation is inserted into the white women strictly for the purpose of reproduction to breed more white women. The women grown in this farm's aim in life is to please Asian men. The white women do nothing all day except train to keep fit so they can look good for the Asian men. Once mature, the white women are then auctioned off to Asian men with the highest bid."



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Mar 14, 2014
They're paying thousands of bucks to make Asian on White Porn in order to make Whitey on 4chan mad.



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Jan 2, 2017
What, you didn't notice so many Asian men look "boyish" (like bitches)? It's a big reason so many Western women aren't attracted to them. I have zero issues with Asian people but I think that's beyond obvious.

You seem mad.
Ah, yes, so feminine:


Very female-looking

Any more female and they'd be a woman

Y'all been fapping to traps so much you've lost your ability to differentiate sexes.


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Sep 26, 2017
X-posting from the Outsider salt thread, r/aznidentity made quite the salt due to this movie:

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I'm no movie buff, but I'm pretty sure there's a film called Goodfellas that does exactly that..

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"We're salty about it, so it's definitely gonna be a flop!"

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I have no words for this one, plus, Ghost in the Shell wasn't a Netflix production:

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Anyone who references a Chappelle Show sketch gets my props..

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This here is the only reasonable person in the whole thread.

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May 15, 2016
These guys, anyone remember the Twitch spambots they had about two years ago? Couldn't escape them.
I remember this, never understood it until now. These guys seem really insecure and easy to rile up. Even in this very thread they sprung out of the woodwork the moment some guy mentioned how girly asian dudes look.

Lol asians.


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Feb 7, 2018
Fuck, it's people like these who caused atrocities like the Rape of Nanking. East asians don't snap often but when they do they go all out. I guess it's because their cultures favor emotional reserve and repression. All that bottled up rage breeds depravity.


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Feb 1, 2015
I don’t know about that. Yes the Asian man can be mad like the other races, but we treat women in bed better! I saw mockery of Asians in another thread but my comments were deleted.

I like those threads. Good jack-off material.

Is that not how porn industry works? I like Asian man/white woman as genre as an Asian man it feels better to jack off than some pinkboi chuck or a black.

What sure what this has to do with Islam. Many Asians are not Muslims. And it is not bad to prefer certain races in the bedroom. That story is funny though, maybe a pinkboi fetish about dominated by Asian chads like myself?

Very much uncalled for and racist against the biggest race group on planet. Asia will dominate Europe by end of century.

A good idea! I can help you find a nice Asian man to fuck! The kids are handsome. They will be majority soon and whole world will look like Hawaii. Don’t worry I will treat pink minority right. But you will learn about Mongols not Nazis in classroom!

Prove of why sub like /r/aznidenity are needed to combat this racism and sexism against the Asian man. I am NO BITCH YOU HONKEY!
I hope the whole world does not end up looking like Hawaii, a race-mixed mongrelized nonculture of Filipino-Chinese-Japanese-Polynesian. All those different ethnicities lost their ancestral culture in the process, leaving only culturally Americanized mutt. And race-mixing of whites and Asiatics just produces "Hapas" which are not turning out too well as you can see from their internet footprint and examples like the Supreme Gentleman himself and dearest Lindsay, our local failed mass shooter.

Be proud of your specific ethno-national and ancestral heritage, and don't fall for this Pan-Asian internet nonsense. We/you don't owe each other anything. It's a false solidarity espoused by those descendants of immigrants who have lost enough touch with their ancestral culture that the only thing they can appreciate and cling to is a vague and ambiguous "Asian" identity that is only distinguished from the white mainstream identity by its inherent foreignness. You should not let yourself be defined by your being on the outside of their alien culture, you should define yourself by being centered at the core of your ancestral culture.