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Nov 14, 2016
Not only is this funny, but he WILL have to genuflect and possibly lose his job if hollyweird finds out. They don't care about him being an Asian incel, but they do care if he's not 100% in support of globohomo.
He's not a white man so that means he's already largely protected from cancellation. The shills have been doing damage control, saying that even though all the screenshots are true they're just lacking context. While most are quick to dispel claims of him being an incel, none have touched the promotion of seethe porn.


Sep 10, 2021
Oh get the fuck over yourself, you know damn well that those subreddits were primarily anti-white.
That being said, the revelation that the star of Marvel's latest film is in fact a ricecel who paid for an (failed) AMWF porn. I can't wait for the next few months when he gets outed by a bunch of white actresses for sexual harassment.

Yeah they were all pro-BLM and bog standard SJWs with the only difference being that they hate Asian women for liking white guys.

I suppose it's possible that a few of them went off the reservation last summer when homeless blacks were sucker punching Chinatown grandpas in record number.

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Aug 16, 2019
Since when do white guys have any thoughts or feelings about AMWF porn lol.

Anyway it must be so difficult to be a ricecel narc. He spent enormous amounts of time working out and fight training and not one single white or Asian or even Hispanic girl was moved at all by his efforts.


Jan 1, 2021
I think the problem for these people is that they are too detached from their ancestry. Judging by their thought patterns, they have the mentality of an African-American or a low-class White person. These people are mentally not Asian at all.

Addressing their main points:
Firstly Pan-Asianism will never be a thing, there is too much bad blood between our nations.

Secondly, race-mixing is seen as a failure of the family to raise a proper daughters, not the machinations of an external force.

Thirdly, when I watch porn, I don't want to see the guys face, Asian/European, Mixed, it doesn't matter, so long as their skin colour is similar to mine (NO BLACKED PORN!).
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Mar 6, 2021
. It's mostly boring shit beyond him conflating homosexuality with pedophillia
I don’t think that comment was actually that damaging either.

he worded it autistically, but he essentially said that: pedophiles cannot be converted, just as homosexuals cannot be converted or heterosexuals converted.

honestly the most damaging thing is that he was anywhere close to aznidentity, I doubt anything will come of it because he’s not white though.

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Mar 17, 2018
pretty much. Retards spamming BBC cuck porn are at a similar stage in human evolution as the troglodytes who think this legitimately triggers the yellow man.

it doesn't. They don't transform into a seething orange color, they stay yellow and mellow.
Little off topic here, but that Tiananmen Square copypasta isn't meant to trigger them, it's meant to get their internet access restricted by the CCP. Granted it doesn't work on a lot of sites, say Twitter, because if they're on Twitter they've likely managed to get through the great firewall. Only works on sites not restricted by the CCP.


Oct 24, 2019
I thought "crowdfunding porn none of us are in to own YTs who don't care" was pathetic when it first happened. To think a successful actor was shilling it is just :story: :story: :story:
That whole saga was insane, a bunch of Asian incels crowd funding a whore for one of them to fuck to own a boogie man that only existed in their heads with none of them having the self awareness to take a step back, look at things rationally and say that the whole thing was exceptionally cringey and pathetic.

Tldr: /aznidentity incels make normal incels look like reasonable well adjusted gigachads

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Apr 5, 2021
You know that viral picture of the Taiwanese and Australian firefighters?

The asian subs caught wind of it and went full conspiracy mode.
To be fair, this is an actual case of forced perspective. There are the two brigades side-by-side.
Jan 31, 2022
lmao, not even one single thing shown in any of those pathetic excuses for threads could be remotely true. utterly pathetic ching chong chinks pitifully trying to compensate for their own inferiority (complex). it's rather clear that when not trying to spam dishonest propaganda they must be jerking themselves off into a stupor at wmaf impregnation porn