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r/Chapotraphouse / chapochat is a leftist shitposting forum vaguely related to the snooze inducing communist podcast Chapotraphouse, but mostly having to deal with contemporary politics, the lives of the users and internet culture. There's many trannies, former nazis, emotional teenagers and genuinely mentally unwell people that inhabit the website. To define Chapo as a ideology, it'd be "Dirtbag left" but with absolute control over society. Outside of Parler, there's nowhere you're more likely to find death threats towards politicians or police. They lash out every time they don't get their way and are constantly scheming on how enact the revolution. There's also many "male feminists" who use the site.
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Cumtown r chapotraphouse - YouTube.png

Early years
A lot of Chapos older days are lost and I wasn't around. However, Chapo was quarantined on reddit in 2019 after the admins were told repeatedly to delete posts advocating for violence against police. Specifically it was quarantined for encouraging violence(which is pretty deserved, the admin was talking about shooting capitalists), requiring an account to get on. It was later banned in june 2020 in a wave of bans due to a change in rules, there was just too much fedposting on chapo for it to remain. Chapo is controversial to say the least, with even some of the podcast members (high as shit on codeine) openly expressing their disdain. Sadly a lot of posts a lost since the subreddit is banned and nobody archives anything.

You can find some older posts around, like this one advocating for the death of white people
Screenshot_2021-02-21 breadtube_the_great_replacement_is_a_crazy_nazi_conspiracy png (WEBP Ima...png

Or this one claiming that apparently IQ scores oppress people
Screenshot_2021-02-21 breadtube_how_IQ_oppresses_people png (WEBP Image, 1915 × 8642 pixels).png

Beatnik Allegations of underage grooming and stalking
Recently Chapo has come back under the attention of people because Beatnik, the founder of Chapo chat and a mod for r/chapotraphouse who was accused of grooming, masturbating in front of, stalking minors and begging 14+15yos for nudes. Beatnik has also apparently been calling this girl which led to this situation. Beatnik did this from an alt account, however he revealed himself to be the same person apparently due to mentioning family crests.
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Chapo Chat(4).pngScreenshot_2021-02-21 Chapo Chat(3).png
"I met Beatnik on discord about 2 years ago. We shared some common interests (politics, tech, anime, specialty beers, good steaks and we live in the same state) so we quickly formed a close friendship."
"Almost every weekend we’d pick an anime to watch together on skype after his wife went to sleep."
"We were about half way through season 1 of How To Not Summon a Demon Lord(lolicon anime), and without warning he took out his penis and started playing with it."
"I gave him my home address months before so he could send me communism books. I should note I live with my parents and I was 15 at this time (I’m 16 now)."
"He said he had been seeing a therapist on betterhelp and the therapist advised him to make amends with me and mend the friendship."
"He said he wanted to meet my bf and see if he was really good enough for me. I said no but he kept insisting. I told him if he didn’t leave I’d call the cops. He got angry and called me a reactionary and a cop fucker."
"Yesterday I found out he harassed another girl from the discord by sending her photos of his junk and asking her for nudes in return (she’s 14), and her sharing her story with me made me feel brave enough to tell mine."
Chapo tranny jannies such as "TransComrade69" are investigating.
Screenshot_2021-02-21 onbeatnik png (WEBP Image, 610 × 576 pixels).png
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Chapo Chat.png
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Imgur The magic of the Internet.png

I don't know why Beatnik was calling this girl over and over, that part is pretty much confirm and that's very weird. The post screams like attention whoring but i'd like to know how he got her discord. I think Beatnik was acting really weird, but there's little proof he went any further besides allegations. I'll wait to see if any more info pops up,

Chapo during the democratic primary to Bernie dropping out
To introduce you to the typical content you'd see on Chapo, imagine mix salt, a bit of irony and autism, pour in mental illness and you've got an average post. Upon facing any challenges their first ideas are to A: kill themselves or B: violently lash out. If you want to see full documentation, I organized it all here.

The "low information voters" meme actually originated from Chapo
low info.png

Chapo users demanding more RAPE so Bernie could win

Many of them started threatening suicide or cutting themselves when Bernie lost
what country should I flee to.png
suicide 4.jpg

Because Bernie lost they can't afford HRT :/

They were begging for Xi to take over or they'd mass strike when Bernie lost too :story:

Many others began discussing what country they should move to

Even more suicide threats the day Bernie lost
more suicide.jpgsucide 2.png

Crying and melting down over Bernie losing

Rapists BTFO


Seething over "chuds" making jokes

It's very easy to troll these salty retards

The very thought of Trump being reelect them had them calling for open violent revolution

Chapo users discussing what to do for not taking enough immigrants, deciding on a suicide pact

Autistic trans women in the 80s would have voted for Bernie
autistic trans women.png

They openly advocate taking over by force and removing democracy

When they lose the revolution gets canceled!
revolution canned.png

They really wanted Orange Man dead
kill trump.png

They wanted to use antifa to "bully" people into voting for Bernie

They REALLY hate boomers, and of course everybody does, but they wish death on them constantly as if it was a war cry
boomers are voting wrong.png

But don't worry, despite blaming the old regularly they love to go after zoomers too
based boomers.png

They'll even blame women as a scapegoat when they don't get their way

When they get drunk they go on incel-tier rants about women, before promptly deleting

They also really hate black people when they're not aligned with their ideology, another scapegoat.
blacks.pngblacks 2.pngblacks 3.jpgestablishment lost biden the black vote.png
i hate blacks now.png

Don't don't worry, if nothing the Chapocrew have manners, "I’m going to assume someone’s gender and I apologize" :story:

Chapofags are gonna workout and rise up again Biden during the revolution :aug:

"Game of Thrones style move"
lol got.png

Chapofags will talk about all the trolls poisoning the well, then upboat the most divisive, pointless posts
the well.jpg

They were so upset over Bernie losing they were trying to call for Biden losing
biden must lose.jpg

"You can’t bench the bar. How can you lead a revolution you beta bitch" :story:

"I feel like naked white supremacist violence from the police state is the only thing holding this country together. It’s clear so many of us, particularly those over 40, have nothing but absolute contempt for our fellow human being."

Biden winning over Bernie means i'm gonna die and I have a heccing wiferino!

They love coming up with battle plans for Bernie and saying how he can still win

They can get a bit unintentionally racist

They love their media references

They love to threaten to riot if they don't get their way

They believe joining your local DSA chapter will help start the revolution

This was the most upboated post on chapo when Bernie lost :story:

lol this is their unironic solution to becoming depressed

They can't even handle anybody helping Joe Biden :story:
mad af.png

We don't need Bernie, we have books!

Bernie was the final solution to fascism wtf

wtf communist subreddits are a bit left bias?
wtf reddit.jpg

They're infighting and saying Tankies want people to vote Biden :story:

It's ogre berniebros

Joe Biden winning was a democratic party PR stunt :story:

The Selfie Thread
Back in the day, they use to have selfie threads where they'd post their beautiful, gender non conforming selves
Screenshot_2021-02-21 you say you want trans cuties threads, so post you cowards ChapoTra…(1).png

Here's some pics of the oddly shaped trannies from that now deleted thread
Screenshot_2021-02-21 1565233233827 png (WEBP Image, 2274 × 3032 pixels) — Scaled (33%).pngScreenshot_2021-02-21 1565233246070 png (WEBP Image, 480 × 480 pixels).pngScreenshot_2021-02-21 1565233263059 png (WEBP Image, 626 × 1110 pixels) — Scaled (90%).pngScreenshot_2021-02-21 1565233271218 png (WEBP Image, 1008 × 1025 pixels) — Scaled (98%).jpg

Ahahahahahahahahahahah :story:
Screenshot_2021-02-21 1565233283818 png (WEBP Image, 1944 × 2592 pixels) — Scaled (38%).png

Chapo Today
Due to the allegations and general left infighting, chapo is transforming as reality hits them. Most users are defending Beatnik and acting like stalking a 15yo is normal. Generally it's just unfunny as fuck, boring and gay. However once in awhile you can find a magically autistic thread.
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Chapo Chat(1).png

Sometimes they cry over how liberals love marvel moves and how Iron Man gave them PTSD :story:
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Chapo Chat(2).png

They have huge threads about trains too of course
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Chapo Chat(5).png

Sometimes seething over TERFs
Screenshot_2021-02-21 Chapo Chat(6).png

Chapo can be found:


I try so hard and got so far
I know about these fucks mostly because they used (and probably still do but i don't hang around anymore) to brigade venezuelan reddit subs and venezuelan social media or any comment box where there were news about venezuela with the usual commiesplaning native venezuelans how they are "gusanos" or " undercover CIA " for complaining about Chavez and Maduro.
Anyone who took the bait would get swarmed with "you are not true venezuelans, true venezuelans are all communist and can't speak english!"

Every time you entered their sub they were linking places to go pester. Incredible how much time these first world faggots spend harassing cubans and venezuelans. Iirc the reason Chapo subs kept getting quarantined was precisely the constant brigading and coordinated shilling to other places.

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