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Chris did nothing wrong

Pedophile Apologist
Aug 5, 2015
I wasn't surprised to find that these people are a part of nofap:

"Just giving you a small tip here. Stop fapping. Stop doing PMO. You are wasting valuable life force and with fapping you decrease your energy levels to a very low level.

Why do you think porn is so easy to watch.

Pmo= porn masturbation orgasm. It gives you one of the highest amount of dopamine that you can obtain for doing almost nothing. This makes u an unmotivated bitch, drains/de-energise you and makes you a moody person.

3days is already an achievement. Remember that you are are way ahead of the ones that arent trying and the ones that dont know about this. For me personally, it helped to research a lot about the masturbation subject. Start of by the abstaining of orgasm by the egyptians. The bible gives some quotes about masturbation too. We all know lust is considered a sin.

The past 30 days ive abstained from the PMO-cycle. There are a lot of things ive noticed, but i think that the most important one is increased energy. This energy ive put into a lot of things. Work, study and sports. People are appreciating me a lot more. Which is probably the result of me being way more social and someone to look up to.

PMO is fucking up your life. Ofcourse, its very hard to fight, because of what is does to your brain. But if you want to be the best version of yourself. Quitting PMO will be necessary

Thats the placebo effect.

PMO does something with your brain, like the high amount of dopamine and erdorfin that gets produced. So its not a belief system and cant be counted as placebo affect.

Fapping makes me less social, because with PMO in my life i get unmotivated for a lot of things/drained, whatever you want to call it. With this i do not see the importance of being social and so im not even trying to be social. "


Chris did nothing wrong

Pedophile Apologist
Aug 5, 2015
"Dexter is actually about how aliens why rape us all!"

I have recently been thinking a lot about Dexter. Its a pretty brilliant show actually, if you think about it, (and on many levels). It's is a show about a serial killer who has always had the desire to kill and has no empathy or emotion towards other humans. He has learned to control it, and through lessons from his "dad", has very strict rules, (the "code") he follows and only kills bad people, (people who have murdered someone). In the show, Dexter learns to have some emotions, and learns different things about himself, as well as his duel-human nature. He is with a really nice and sweet single mother, who at first gave him a cover, making him appear like a normal guy to others. But throughout the seasons he starts to have more emotions for her. He seems to become more human the more he spends with her. He also does things like puts himself in dangerous situations to get his heartbeat to beat faster to make him feel human. The whole show seems to be about making people understand what it'd be like for someone without human emotions and empathy, and the struggles they go through to connect with the rest of humanity, (as well as their human self).

I'm sure many people have heard of the grey and the reptilian extraterrestrial theories/conspiracy theories. That we have been secretly visited, and infiltrated, by them throughout history, and that they have been abducting people and making hybrid races with humans. Whether this is done because they are having fertility problems as a species, or just because they want to engineer human qualities into themselves, is not known. This hybrid being would have less emotion because greys are rumored, (and the reptilians), to not have any, or have a different kind, of emotion. That process of coming to terms with "the Dark Passenger", (as Dexter says), would go similar to major themes that are seen in the show. The show is filled with metaphor, and double entendres, and has many themes that are operating on a surface, as well as a deeper level. It's not much a stretch to think the writers went even further, and it's a sly 'wink of the eye' nod to the Grey Human hybrid program. They might be trying to seed this information subtly to the MSM. Putting it into their heads, that "people" without emotion aren't necessary bad people, and that they can learn to control their "appetites" and actually be of use to our society. Or it could be a warning. Bio-engineering two different species together is probably a lot like synthesizing two different personalities. On one hand Dexter has an innate need to kill, and cant relate to people in the typical emotional way you'd expect, but on the other hand, he's not as bad as most serial killers, he controls it and finds a way to use it for good, he doesn't let other killers, like the "Dark Passenger" part of him, (i.e. his long lost "brother") treat the humans bad or take advantage of their (seemingly) disadvantage of having empathy and affection, (which puts them at the whim of a sociopath and therefore vulnerable to people who don't get hung up on petty things like caring for people). He is really good at his job as a blood splatter analyst, and has brilliant hunches on different serial killers and murderer cases. Also his lack of empathy allows him to see the big picture, and maintain objectivity more so than his peers.

I think Dexter ushers in a new forum, where humans are going to be "evolving" in different ways, and that we need to start thinking about the fallout of these programs and scenarios. It also could just as easily be dialog on what it would be like if the greys and the humans met, and interacted on a daily basis. How would two different species of intelligent beings relate and interact with eachother, when they have so many core differences? And how could a being, so emotionally vapid, learn to find that inner spark of what makes us human? What makes people care for one another? It really brings so many potential topics of intrigue and debate in my eyes, as the psychology alone in this show, is quite clever. How a person can find a way to reconnect to their fellow humans, on a personal and subjective, emotional level, and evolve past their initial upbringing, or origin, (being left in a room full of blood for days after witnessing his mothers brutal murder). It also examines the ways of evolving- how one can follow in their fathers footsteps, finding ways to minimize their damage, but not really ever trying to change themselves. OR- to actually try and change. To rebel against their upbringing, and find out who they are, and try to change their destructive tendencies.

Has anyone else noticed this possible connection?

Another obvious extraterrestrial theme in the show is the ritual in how Dexter kills his victims on the table. He puts them on a sterilized table, tied up with seran wrap thats wrapped around their body. He has a completely sterile room, (puts clear plastic tarp over everything, all over the walls and ceiling surrounding him), which makeasier to leave no trace or evidence. He has a bright light pointed at them from above. He places the pictures of their victims around them, and makes sure to tell them why he is killing them. During this conversation that takes place between him and his victims, it almost feels like he's inside their mind and rooting out their innermo secrets and pain. They always end up telling him the truth about their crimes, which some might think is just normal redemption or guilt for their crimes, but it seems like something more to me. What he says, and how he says it, as well as how much he gets these people to open up about their innermost darkness, makes it seem like he can see through them. Like he can get inside their heads and mess around with them. It reminds me of a conversation someone might have when they died. For example, if they were talking to some type of gatekeeper to the other side, & weighing their sins, & having their whole life flash before their eyes.

But what it mostly reminds me of is an alien abduction. How the ETs will put their abductees on a shiny metal medical table, in their ship, and shine abbright white light at them in a strange foreign sterile like room, and perform experiments on them. Many abductees report this type of situation, and that the greys will cut them open with weird tools, & sometimes take body parts out of them and then put them back in. Many also have reportedthat they communicate telepathically and will get in their head and replay experiences theyve had in life and sort of mentally manipulate them.

Sailor Haumea

Jul 3, 2016
Gravity isn't real, "density" explains everything.


The Theory of Gravity.

Lets dissect this theory, shall we?

First, I ask for evidence that mass attracts mass.

Oops! It does not exist.

There is no real experiment to prove that mass attracts mass.

Thats why it is called the theory of gravity.

Now, I am sure there are people reading this just screaming in their heads, but things fall!

Yes, but its just due to density.

A microphone will drop because it is more dense than the air around it.

A balloon will float up because it is less dense than the air around it.

A rock will sink in water because it is more dense than water.

A chunk of wood will float up in water because it is less dense than water.

That is measurable, observable and repeatable. That is science.

But saying that things fall because there is a force pulling them down to Earth is not provable.

The Cavendish experiment allegedly shows gravitational forces at work.

It is basically a rod suspended from a string with weights on either end.

Then, more weights are placed near the suspended ones, and all the weights are supposed to touch.

Presumably due to gravity.

Now, in most videos I have seen displaying the Cavendish experiment, every person had a lot of trouble getting the suspended rod in the middle to stay put. It was always moving, even without the extra weights that are placed near the suspended ones.

So is gravity really at work?

Does this experiment really prove anything?

Here is a link to an article explaining the experiment and a quote from the link below

"The setup consisted of a torsion balance to attract lead balls together, measuring the torque on a wire and then equating it to the gravitational force between the balls. Then by a complex derivation, G = 2π2LθRe2/T2M was determined."

Here is a link to a video allegedly displaying the force of gravity.

Now if this is gravity at work, is it counteracting Earths supposedly massive gravitational pull?

Why is the gravity from Earth not simply keeping the weights where they are, as the pull downwards should be much greater than the pull left or right, should it not?

Here is a link to another video attempting to re create the cavendish experiment.

Here is a link to a much older video displaying the cavendish and other experiments

If this experiment is so easy, why is it that I have only heard about it after my own research?

Why is this experiment not shown in every school?

There are too many variables at play, in my opinion, and it is not reliably repeatable, that's why.

Experiments aside, I have questions about how science views gravity in general.

If Earths gravity is strong enough to hold millions of gallons of ocean water to the sea floor, then how can a little sparrow fly high over the oceans?

How does gravity even effect water?

Why do they say the Moon is held in by Earths gravity, but the Moon is strong enough to pull on Earths oceans?

Gravity is not holding the universe together.

It is just a lie.

OP also has what may be one of the most insane anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of all time - he believes Jews have copyrighted the letter U.

I was unaware it was possible to copyright letters of the alphabet. Oh wait, it's not possible.

Nothing is too stupid for /r/conspiracy, not even gravity denialism.


True & Honest Fan
Feb 22, 2017
OP also has what may be one of the most insane anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of all time - he believes Jews have copyrighted the letter U.

lol that's this guy too? /r/Drama has been having a field day with his insane posts. I'm actually leaning towards "really good troll poster" myself. Every week he comes up with a new insane conspiracy post.


ask me about my creamed corn fetish
Mar 11, 2015
You don't have to be retarded to post on r/conspiracy but it helps

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