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Oct 29, 2020
CCP shills are ridiculous because they advocate for communism while simultaneously supporting a regime that couldn't be further from genuine Marxism-Leninism at this point in time.
After Mao's death China liberalised its economy and became a "socialist market economy" like West Germany during the post-war era or the Nordic countries today. Now the CCP believe in themselves, China and... well, they'd like to know that too.

Spud Stacker

I Am A Potato
Sep 26, 2021
This is generally the vibe I get reading the subs for actual mainlanders.

CCP believes their own internal propaganda so hard that it's fucking them up.​
I think its more that they are all extremely aware that loudly and aggressively screaming the fashionable rhetoric and opinions will get them figurative and literal social credit, and that being seen or imagined to be in contradiction to the fashionable rhetoric and opinions will be like a loud dinner bell to the mob of retards looking to claim some scalps for their own status.

In terms of actually believing in any of that which they claim, they all slurp down far too much western, american, and capitalist shit on a daily basis and do absolutely nothing of even imaginary value for "the cause" for them to actually be sincere in the bullshit they claim to believe and support​

albert the programmer

Computer programmer at work
True & Honest Fan
Jan 1, 2020
CCP believes their own internal propaganda so hard that it's fucking them up.
And the fact that it has its own glorified subreddit also makes it more obvious that Chinese shills are more pro-China than they are pro-America. They never talk about the influence the CCP has over Silicon Valley.

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