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Feb 19, 2015


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Nov 26, 2016
This goes far beyond just hapas, it's even portrayed, though somewhat subconsciously in some Anime too.

There's this crime solving anime I've been watching since primary school. I'm not a fucking weeb or anything, I like Criminal Minds, FBI series, Bones and similar films. Maybe I'm preparing the perfect murder (now that's fucking autistic).

It's known as "Case Closed" in English? I prefer a direct translation.

Besides the cancerous fanbase and the disgraceful CP generated, there's another perplexing issue.

Pretty much all the hapa characters are AFWM.
When this code is broken, either the hapa or the mother (WFAM) is the fucking criminal.
Most interracial relationships are white female Japanese male, there are some exceptions.

Here's the list I can pull out of my head, starting with main characters.
Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano/Sherry, her sister Akemi Miyano: British mum, Japanese Dad
Masumi Sera: British mum (Mary), Japanese Dad #1
Shukichi Haneda: British mum (Mary), Japanese Dad #2
Shuichi Akai: British mum (Mary), Japanese Dad #1
This Mary character's first husband supposedly died, she made 2 kids with him who are Masyumi and Shuichi. Her second partner also Japanese got killed too, which she made Haneda with. Her first husband is said to be supposedly dead because the fanbase suspects that he's still alive and in fact "Hyoue Kuroda", who is one of the three primary suspects of the current main storyline the "RUM arc".

Mary is shrunk to a primary school kid due to some drug. The gimmick of this entire series is the main protagonist being drugged and becoming a kid, hence the amount of utterly criminal and disturbing hentai that's generated. People who consume and put out this shit should be thrown into a metal asylum.

Burning rice from one to another, wow.

Fusae Campbell Kinoshita, fashion designer, hapa with blonde hair. Her dad in unknown but her stepdad is Japanese, looking at the surname, her dad is perhaps white, that left? It can't get anymore blatant can it?

Now here's some of the "cases"
720-721: Hapa kid, WMAF
503: Hapa criminal, oh of course with a white dad. And according to him, his dad only taught him how to fire a gun, lol 2A is bad for slants. This guy only got caught because he can't understand English... how pathetic is that?
874: Hapa guy, white dad got killed in a mine of some sort. His mum took revenge by killing the people that left him to die, so yeah she's the criminal.
There's some more that I can't recall. There's this exception, but the dad isn't white but rather a Hapa. Storyline involves the 3 stupid primary school kids getting involved in some autistic trespassing, ended up having to apologise because the Japanese female is actually pregnant not missing and killed.
096: Hapa guy, Brazilian mum Japanese dad. Criminal of the case is his uncle.

The coupling is pretty telling too. For example, Jodie Starling (white) was in love with Shuichi (Hapa, WM). Fusae Campbell likes prof Agasa. The one exception is Shukichi (Hapa WM) and Yumi (Japanese female).

There's a lot more autism. Like how there's only 2 niggers to ever appear, one of which is a traitor who tried to kill an American hero and got killed. In the same movie (No18), the guy who ordered the killing is likely Jewish (Waltz)... The second one is an international student who wanted to date some Japanese girl but got rejected, which for sure is a reference to the amount of niggers and other western trash coming to Asia only to fuck xenophilic women.

It's fair to conclude that the author really doesn't like Asian female other male pairings, and he's projecting this insecurity into his anime. Also, statistically, over 60% Asians in the west likely will not date and marry an Asian, to have so many outliers to a point that the 40% becomes the majority isn't simply a matter of chance. Whether his views reflect Japan and by extension Asia as a whole isn't really known. Despite most Asian men online hating this kind of coupling, most I think can really care less. It's always the ones without a partner who gets so triggered by such stupid things. I can't give two less fucks, but I do tend to notice such subconscious messages. That's enough autism for one day, time to do more useless shit... just not this.

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Jul 14, 2019
/r/AsianMasculinity's street-shitter equivalent:

Triggered by IISuperWoman
Lilly Singh is a popular YouTuber with 15M or so subscribers (mostly whites since every Ind-Am I spoke with never heard of her or thinks she's unfunny)
She makes weird videos like this looking like weird, stereotypical Indian characters.

Post image

Post image
They're designed to make Indians look ridiculous so her mostly white audience will laugh. These are not positive representations; in fact, they're a step down from Tyler Perry's Madea.
She made a video mocking Indian men to her mostly non-Indian audience. For the life of me I can't find it. It basically said Indian men have no game, they assume that just because they're a man, they "deserve" the woman, they don't dress well, and on and on. Testament to how little influence we have over the narrative that I can't search and find it on Google; search results are cluttered with white women showering praise on a WoC the same way they do to Beyonce, etc. to virtue-signal hard.
But while she knocks Indian men, she makes videos like "Dating men that are TOO hot" - of course with a white guy. Mindy Kaling anyone?
So of course white Hollywood likes what they see- they give her the Late Late show (which used to be "Last Call with Carson Daly", now "Little Late with Lilly Singh").
Here's where the confusion sets in......
Should Indians be happy? Here you have a community starved for representation after all. But based on her videos, do we really want someone doing impressions making Indians look bad AND upholding white beauty as ideal? Some have convinced themselves that Indians MUST support Singh and anyone who doesn't is a traitor, etc. See from /r/ABCDesis (link1 and link2):
  • "Half this sub is self hating white worshiping anti desi dickwad so you shouldn't be surprised people downvote this" (note: By downvoting, he's referring to people who think her getting this TV show is bad news.)
  • "[Indians hating on Indians is] a disgrace honestly, and so prevlent in our culture. " Idon't like it, so no one else should either." Good for her and even better for our community. Stop being such negative nancies"
You get Indians freaking out and attacking those who critically analyze what kind of representation we want. If you don't support an Indian who mocks other Indians getting a show on TV, that means you're "self-hating" and a "white-worshipper" (??) and essentially a crab-bucket negativist...... This is the quality at which we're having this conversation.
But ultimately, this is White Divide and Rule at its best. Would they ever elevate a proud Indian-American who gets ahead by making us look good, not ridiculous?
Whites elevate an Ind-Am who mocks her own people, idealizes white men, and then the Desi population fight over whether this is good or bad. It's a formula that exploits the gender divide in minority communities and ensures whoever they pick to spotlight thinks highly of whites. Whites don't rule the world by accident. And too often minorities communities like Indian-Americans simply show we don't yet have the EQ to be able to navigate these issues in a nuanced, sophisticated way.

"why arent desi girls suporting aganst racism???"
Yesterday, a coworker (black woman) was talking to another coworker (white woman) about how our boss (an Indian guy) came up from behind her at this event to surprise her and say hi. She said how she thought he was "one of those creepy Indian guys at first." She didn't realize I was around at the time. What really irked me was how the white woman said nothing about how racist that was, especially given how kind our Indian-American boss has been to everyone. I'm new, so I honestly didn't want to jeopardize my job by being up front as I might have been with someone on the street. I said from behind her, "You know, I'd hope you'd never refer to someone like me as 'one of those creepy Indian guys' behind my back. It really is stuff like this that I've been hearing since college that ticks me off." She apologized immediately. None of my coworkers are bad people by any exceptional measure, so it's even more horrifying realizing that people think it's okay to talk this way.
We're going to need quite a bit more racial hysteria until people finally are afraid to generalize us so negatively. I had a very similar experience about 5 years ago, so I was appalled to relive the same stupidity. A post on r/AsianMasculinity recently mentioned how Asian women got a White man fired for retweeting a BTS video and saying racist things about Asian men. We need this same support from South Asian women and beyond. The hardest thing for us to do as a community in this western environment is to remain stable after internalizing all the biases from the media and our subjective experiences. A good article here explains the case further. Not only should we not be looking down on our South Asian sisters, but also our families.
South Asian Masculinity is about overthrowing a system of white supremacy that allows people to think less of us and our humanity. It's about loving yourself and your community enough to stand up for you, your Brown brothers, and your Brown sisters. It's about being a minority that dominates and outclasses the majority. We have to embrace our counter-culture. If you stand up for yourself and get even the smallest taste of empowerment, I promise you, you'll never settle for less.

"Any tips for men who are looking for brides thru arranged marriage in the west?"




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Feb 19, 2017
Has r/aznidentity been discussed yet in this thread? Because Jesus fucking Christ, that sub is insane.

I checked it out thinking it was some come-together sub for Asian redditors, but half the posts in top of all time is shitting on Asian chicks for not being woke enough for them while the others are either praising white chicks for letting Asian guys clap their cheeks or praising Andrew Yang for being some Asian Chad messiah.


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Jan 6, 2019
Has r/aznidentity been discussed yet in this thread? Because Jesus fucking Christ, that sub is insane.

I checked it out thinking it was some come-together sub for Asian redditors, but half the posts in top of all time is shitting on Asian chicks for not being woke enough for them while the others are either praising white chicks for letting Asian guys clap their cheeks or praising Andrew Yang for being some Asian Chad messiah.

yang is a soft-jawed dork who will make a terrible president. his understanding of economics is first year biz major level which is why people who've never gone deeper love him so much

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Sep 1, 2019
Curiosity of /pol/ and it seemed relevant to the thread.

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Fly to China where the native women will pay to bang you. Though I am curious as to how much this “token sum” was and where the white man came from.

Why do chinese women have those circular ninja turtle faces? korean japs, viets flips have rectangular faces give or take, but chinese girls have circles for a face.

the only hapas that are weird are the jewish man chinese women. all the other combos seem to be fine


Nov 20, 2018
Why they're all full of shit:


Comedian Bobby Lee and his wife. If this completely average looking, short, overweight, neurotic, former drug addict, Asian man figured out how to use his sense of humor and intelligence to find success and a beautiful wife, these tards could too if they stopped crying online 24/7 calling their Asian mothers "whores".

I've never met anyone who talked shit about their own mother who was worth a fuck.
Here from the amazing future of 2020, apparently Bobby Lee had sex with an underage Mexican prostitute LOL