/r/IncelTears - Militant a-loggers of incels... and all non-SJWs

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Don't these broads know that the one thing you absolutely don't want to do on the internet is get mad? Because it's a good way to get targeted by trolls. Like I wouldn't be surprised if that one girl in the OP that was sent that wojack meme was being trolled by an incel and the dumb bitch gave him what he wanted: her anger and attention. He prob thought her over the top reaction was funny and will prob do it again to another poster.


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Eh, maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think this sub is that bad. I often use it to gather material for the regular incels thread so I don’t have to actually wade through their bullshit. People in this thread seem to think it’s mostly white knights posting but there are lots of female posters.

Also, it’s definitely not “just as bad” as actual incel forums. The worst thing about r/IncelTears is the white knights and fedora-tippers whereas incels regularly advocate for rape, pedophilia, and the enslavement of all women because they’re salty about not having sex. I’d take “respect wamen” over “rape and enslave wamen” any day.

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that dude u/BrazilianSigma seems like an absolute exceptional individual
How fucking insecure do you have to be to name a whole subreddit with your username and use it to mock people that critise you?
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Is he really a Brazilian clerical fascist or is he just LARPing as one?
Ok, I am pretty sure Reddit gave every account a personal subreddit at some point because I logged into an account of mine and there's a subbredit that it says I mod that's just the uname.

The fact that this dude actually used it, and for this shit at that, is fucking pathetic on so many levels.