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Has Jan/Jace even done anything that could constitute as "harassment" by even the loosest definitions? I thought the only time he ever directly interacted with her was the street racing thing, and the only thing that could be even possibly constituted as a threat was the livestream thing where he said he'd parachute on Brianna Woo using a gamergate weed flag and stick on a sign on her that said "the sjws will never take over video games also wolves are not gay" before going on about being a wolf detective and sniffing out crimes.
And Brianna Wu hadn't sicked her followers on Jace after the livestream thing he'd probably never even have mentioned her again.

Hell, the guy in the last post even refers to it as "his most benign action" despite being probably the only thing even approaching a threat he's actually ever done.
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Jan is the only person to make GG look like idiots while simultaneously proving their point (that online journalism is full of excitable idiots).
Which is why they should be grateful to him. The object lesson here is very exploitable. They seem to have missed the point that from GG's perspective, it has to prove literally nothing. If it is "exposed" as a bunch of spergs, who cares? Journalists OTOH actually need credibility and reputation. Destroy that and you destroy them.


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My favorite part of GG/Anti-GG is how convinced they are that everyone on the planet falls into one of their camps. Most people even aware of this view it as a giant game of "Insane Trannies vs. Autist Basement Dwellers" and stay the fuck away even if they're more sympathetic to one side or another.


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I can't imagine anyone's too surprised by this. This GG stuff has just turned into an ego fight by now. The moment you poke it with a stick, you get a whole bunch of MUH FEELS!!!.

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In fairness, when actually looking at the thread most of the replies are not so crazy.

Jan is just trolling the media by giving them what they want and throwing GG under the bus. So of course GG is super salty about this, thats part of the reason hes doing it i am sure.

In reality Jace showed us how absurd the SJW are. You offend someone doing a creative project? LAWYER UP SHITLORD. The GG people should be thanking him.

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Not to mention, why do GG'ers care about what journalists think of them, especially if the whole movement is based on them being their enemy? That's been a lost cause since the beginning and I don't think Jace changed anything.
Gamer Gate doesn't hate journalists, they only hate journalists that aren't in their corner. If you take them seriously, you're concerned with ethics in [one of the most trivial segments of] journalism. If you're against them, then you're benefiting from the bullshit back-slapping and payola status quo (which does exist, but isn't going away).

Jace changed nothing, but it was never his goal to change anything, so it's no big deal.