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Emiya Kiwitsugu

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May 21, 2015
Jesus Christ this is terrifying.

I haven't played through V myself yet, can somebody explain Portopia? It seems to be their strongest lead.
There's two tapes that can be obtained, one in Ground Zeroes, and one in the Phantom Pain, that plays a series of noises when listened. These noises are actually the result of the cassette player trying to load the contents of the tape, which is actually part of the code for the 1983 game: Portopia. Portopia was a game that heavily influenced Kojima's decision to become a video game developer, and, most interestingly, while they can tell it's definitely code from Portopia, they can tell it's actually slightly edited. It appears to be a hacked ROM of Portopia, though it's missing the third tape that has yet to have been released or discovered. People expect the third and final one to somehow be unlocked in MGO3, as the other tapes were all hidden in each game. Once the third tape is discovered, it's believed that the ROM will run properly if all of the code is combined into one, and that there will be something, be it plot information, a reveal, or just an Easter egg.

Interestingly enough, someone took the code that would've represented the missing edited Portopia code that should be in the third tape, and instead used the actual original Portopia code that, when combined with the two tape's edited code, was found to run fine. So it's not only a hacked ROM, but it's a working one, which countered arguments made that it's just edited Portopia code that didn't actually compile and run properly. I'll agree that, as far as there actually being anything interesting that Kojima hid, that Portopia is the way to go. I'm not expecting anything important, probably just a cool little Easter egg, but I think it's interesting nonetheless.