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It hurt itself in its confusion!
How is this whole sugar daddy thing legal? I assume its because its an allowance and not payment per act?
I mean, technically it's legal for the same reason it's legal to buy stuff for a legit gf.

Your sugar baby is your gf. They just don't respect you enough to have an official relationship and it allows them better status with their thot friends.

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As entertaining as this is it's the kind of conversation that makes everyone hate Articles and Happenings. Fatima and Abdul aren't funny and they don't post on Reddit.

Back to the subject. "I'm very hot and lots of random guys want to have sex with me. Is this normal?"

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If I saw this post by itself, I would assume troll. But it's not.

Also, her husband is one of those men who doesn't do any work around the house. His mother comes over and he doesn't clean up the house, she does. Subconsciously she's over him but is too much of a coward to get a divorce.

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For example - in a normal, healthy, sane relationship - You want to have sex but your partner is feeling really sick. You calm down your boner and take care of your partner (soup, water, blankets, whatever) and maybe sit in bed with them all day watching movies or something
Remember, this is the economy these people desperately want. “Pay” me only for my most valuable minutes and throw me in the fucking ditch otherwise.

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Remember, this is the economy these people desperately want. “Pay” me only for my most valuable minutes and throw me in the fucking ditch otherwise.
It's also all fun and games until your spouse/significant other/whoever leaves you for someone who doesn't consider it a "transactional arrangement" or "putting my needs on hold" to take care of him/her when she/he is sick.

No one wants to be thrown in the ditch in poly, but everyone wants the freedom to throw anyone else in the ditch. Most poly posts on reddit could be boiled down to "how could this person leave me - I was following the rules (even though the rules include "if this isn't working for you, leave")".

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Someone made a post saying 'if people ask how to celebrate Valentine's Day with two partners, don't tell them it's a stupid fake holiday.'

These two responses were especially r/polyamory:

A woke person will call out the second person for being culturally appropriative by using 'tribe' in that manner, and they will deserve it.

And, of course, obligatory disagreement with the OP:

I can't believe someone who uses the word 'stuffie' is legally old enough to engage in sexual intercourse.


Feel free to misgender me.
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Ok ...
She is the meat in the middle of two homosexual male cock sandwich

And the rest of us, per this lovely essay, are "mono."
Got it ... hers is a lifestyle choice. As it happens to be, we "mono" people enjoy an equally valid one.

Sorry, I am just trying to wrap my mind around this mentality.

Does it ever ONCE occur to some of these folks, that the majority of people are actually faithful to their spouse, or at least take extreme measures to cover up infidelity? Not for their sake, but for the sake of the spouse?

What I mean is, if you have had an affair, there is actually virtue in keeping it from your spouse, because that information is so painful for him or her, and s/he didn't commit the transgression. You have been in the wrong from start to finish. Deal with it.

Ok tangent, but name one person who has never been given a tempting opportunity to "act on" urges with a third party. I was unaware that this choice can be dismissed as mere "mono." For the rest of the world, putting the needs of your spouse and child over your urge to be double penetrated on a regular basis, comes naturally.

Restraining your sexual urges is codified by every recognized religion on the planet, as well as by major health advocacy agencies, including Planned Parenthood ...
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It's the ripple, not the sea that is happening
Ok ... This is getting pointless.

I hope so ... I mean .,, No I don't. ... is this all a puppet theater or something?
Traveling five and a half hours just to be plugged by a couple of guys that look like they would throw up and cry if they saw a pair of tits. And to believe that some people think that eating alone on Valentine’s Day is the pinnacle of depression.


Do they make poly-kids, paternity unknown, who become poly themselves?
Have you seen the rate of single motherhood among nogs? Granted they don't go full Rick and Morty copypasta about how "enlightened" it is but the effect is similar.
No, but it has to do with polygamy. Abdul, Fatima, and the sister-wives are at least not as cancerous as Soybeard and Fatcunt posting on Reddit about their totally woke polycule. Considering what my LIVED EXPERIENCE is, I seriously doubt that it actually does get better, but maybe the white race deserves it for unleashing the cancer that is Reddit upon the world.
At least Soybeard might write some useful code at some point, and Fatcunt can update the boilerplates at her PR firm so more sensible people are freed up to do something potentially useful. Abdul's harem will just churn out kids on the dole and if you're lucky Abdul might start a restaurant with a menu that's mainly palatable to his fellow Hajjis.


Didn't even noticed the hoodie at first, I was more taken by the the other dudes sleepwear. Why would anyone leave the house in this?


Feel free to misgender me.
That whole picture triggers me on a primal level, and the sheer amounts of denial everybody involved exhibits is only mostly the reason for it.
Just think ... buried underneath this whole shitshow, is her husband and her kid ...

There is a lot that is going wrong ...

This woman is poorly groomed, can't be bothered with a skin care regime, and she is standing between two men who she claims are her lovers. One looks like an ambiguously Mexican patsy with an Elvis pompadour, the other is a dude with massive clown-feet under a skirt.

The time to experiment with this stuff has passed. High school is over.

There is nothing right about any of this