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Subs like r/worldnews are like no other place spreading news and a cancer, even to a site like Reddit. If you want to see commies talking about an article they obviously have only read the title of, then this is the right place for you. If you want to find possible lolcows in this mess of a discussion board, then this is the right place for you. And if you simply want to see pure Reddit autism in concentrated form, then this is absolutely the right place for you.

I first wanted to make this thread about r/worldnews only, but r/news is too similar to not be merged into a single news subreddit thread. That aside, I will now present to you how Reddit views global politics with three chapters: Trump, commies and the doomsday that is definetily going to happen.


Here's a game you can play when visiting a news subreddit, especially r/worldnews that supposedly doesn't allow US domestic politics. Guess how much you have to scroll on a PC before a comment mentions Trump and remember the number in seconds. Ready?


r/worldnews thread. The name Trump is not mentioned once in the article. It's...

4 seconds.


r/news thread. It's US internal, but this time not anti-american. You need to scroll for...

0 seconds.


This one doesn't even mention the USA. How much does it take?

3 seconds.

You should get the idea by now. Reddit desperately tries to trace back any misfortune, any disaster and personal issues they have to Drumpf, no matter how outlandish the connection is. It can hilarious how much they try to derail discussions that aren't originally about him, and how much they succeed at it. Anyone who doesn't a-log the orange man into Oblivion gets downvoted. Don't believe me? Here's a screenshot I took from a random thread about him:

This is beyond just being against his politics. And they wonder why they experience so much "brigading" on their posts (which are in reality just people wondering what the fuck the subreddit is talking about this time again.) Oh, and below that someone even defends Hitler just to take a hit on Pmurt:


Reddit is filled with communists. You probably know that already, but the news subreddits are the most infested subs that aren't specifically for communism. Any thread talking about the ecomy always has a communist talking about how much the darn rich people steal their money and how capitalism is causing all of their problems. I'm not even exagerrating, I have not found a single thread where this wasn't the case. At this point I wanted to show a few headlines to underline how powerful the spam really is, but the Trump spam completely overtakes everything else about the subreddit. So I'm going to screenshot a few comments instead:


America is always bad. Captilism = Bad. News subreddits are the most extreme about it I've seen.


Written below a climate change article from the Independent, this is an example of weird conspiracy theories being thrown around on the subreddit, which happens fairly often actually. It's amusing how they eat it all up without question.

Concerning the auth-left (or as they call it, 'tankies'), they have a weird relationship. On the one hand, they upvote a lot of anti-China posts believing their Reddit Gold will bring down a dictatorship. On the other hand, they also believe a violent revolution is necessary for society to persist. They basically managed to alienate both moderates and serious communists, rendering their political punch to nothing. This is important to remember when reading how they believe they'll definetily 'make a change' and be the generation to bring a utopia to earth.


At last, I want to talk about one more prevalent theme in r/worldnews, r/news and surrounding subreddits, which is the constant spam of doomsday predictions. In fact, the top three posts frontpage on r/worldnews right now are all about some sort of panic concerning the corona virus or climate change.

Somehow the doomsday clock seems to be in a parallel universe if you ask Reddit. This issue will totally destroy society in 50, 30, 20, 10 years, it's like a race car that happens to cause as much media panic as possible. Right now the corona virus spam is very prevalent on it, a few months ago it was about climate change.

But, if you ask me, I don't think the average Redditor cares about these issues because he feels bad for the victims. I feel like Reddit secretly wants this to happen, to have doomsday come over them and release them from their everyday life. A r/worldnews user is a miserable commie complaining about not getting a job from his liberal arts degree, and this reflects on what articles they upvote. They hate their normal life and want to be some kind of action hero like in the comic books they obsess over. And who can blame them? If I led a life like them, I'd eventually wish for release in any way possible aswell.



I feel like these comments perfectly summarize the spirit of the subreddits. One guy links a dubious article complaining about muh rich people, someone else responds with his mixture of posadist and anti-capitalist thinking and that thought is being reenforced again and again in the replies. This is what makes this site. r/worldnews is the news channel that should never have existed, and which Reddit would do better without. But, maybe, it's the channel it deserves.

An echo chamber.


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Subs like r/worldnews are like no other place spreading news and a cancer, even to a site like Reddit
>This guy needs to peruse more subreddits.

Why yes, half of all things are "above average" in one area or another.


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The OP's game where you count how many seconds until you see someone mad at Trump when the topic doesn't even involve the president is pretty clever

Not every subreddit needs a lolcow thread.
Lord knows most qualify for one, but that would flood KF. Subreddits that contain any kind of quality whatsoever are the exception rather than the norm.

Plus, Reddit is so repetitive and consistently nuts that you'd have to start hunting for some serious depravity to post anything we all haven't seen a million times over.

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This is a dumb idea. It would be like having a thread for /pol/

Are there any standout groups or people on this subreddit that engage in exceptional behavior or something? I don't use Reddit.

Glad I couldn't help

Oh hai
Concerning the auth-left (or as they call it, 'tankies'), they have a weird relationship. On the one hand, they upvote a lot of anti-China posts believing their Reddit Gold will bring down a dictatorship. On the other hand, they also believe a violent revolution is necessary for society to persist.
Are tankies really "anti-China"? I seems to me to be that complete opposite - they love to point to China's success as proof that Real Existing Socialism works and will soon join with other anti-Imperialist forces (e.g. Cuba, Palestine, etc.) to bring down the US Empire. Now, there is a lot of crazy in that sentence, but it is not the crazy that you are talking about here.

who dare wins?

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Hey OP, could you include how r/news went full fucking DFE when the Orlando shooting happened? Like almost every post of every topic got taken down to the point where the newest posts where 6 months old. Only for the shooter to Bev revealed he is a Muslim and later a closet gay.


I wouldn't start from here.
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It's a good start, r/news is a massive subreddit and there's a lot of cringeworthy content on there.

Also it might be an opportunity to expand this forums membership, as regular posters on r/news might welcome somewhere offsite they can discuss the subreddit.

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Ongoing world events, Turkey escalates the ongoing Kalergi Plan all while Corona chan spreads like the plague she is.

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