Flame Mob Rabid Enter Haters General Thread -

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When that happens, his parents will go crazy - he and the others like them will have their parents to blame. These parents who allow this to happen are very irresponsible.
Part of the problem with Jessi Slaughter was that basically there wasn't an adult in the building. In her entire life. And anyone conducting shit like the Jessi Slaughter affair here would be rightly denounced for I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME and worse. Even some Chris-Chan related stuff, like the BlueSpike incident, are pretty much universally viewed as beyond the pale.


For rabid Mr. Enter haters, what about VannesteLand? He was previously brought up as a rabid fan, however, the way he goes about his hate for Enter teeters closer to rabid hatred nowadays. Practically every week, he tells me about how much he hates Mr. Enter, even though I kept trying to tell him I wanted to get away from the Enter drama for a while.

If you've encountered VannesteLand on DA, talk to me (or PickleGuy), since me and him have plenty of experience with him.