Rachel Crandall - A human gone wrong


Disclaimer: I am not sure if this belongs on this thread, or this website for that matter. It can’t hurt to post, but if it turns out that this is not supposed to be here, delete it.

As the day was slowly coming to an end, I grabbed my calendar, opened it, and marked my to-do list for the next day. My gaze was fixed on the bottom part of the left page. Apparently my calendar also provided notes of “international days”. I hadn't noticed that before, but I was happy to learn that last Tuesday (31st of March) was
[/FONT]“international transgender day of visibility”. I didn’t know what the fuck to make of this, so I simply googled to see if it’s legit. Turns out that it is. It made me wonder what constitutes an “international day”. I’ve never heard of a “day of visibility for transgender people”. Could I make-up an international day of my own? (“International lol-cow Day” immediately comes to mind)

Anyway, the real joke was when I found out about who had come up with this international day. It was a guy named Rachel Crandall. Yes, miss Crandall is transgender, fat, extraordinarily ugly, with a big hook of a nose, and many many issues. I had to take a moment to appreciate how ugly a human being can be. Chris Chan’s transgender look fades in comparison… You’ve been warned.


Apparently miss Crandall is a psychotherapist, as well as an expert on transgender issues. Can anybody tell me how can a psychotherapist attempt to help a tranny while being mentally ill himself/herself? This is not Anonymous Alcoholics…

Visiting miss Crandall’s twitter account came as a surprise to me, as I was expecting a radiant and hefty following. After all, this is the person who created a fucking international day. Unfortunately, miss Crandall’s following is less than 100 people. Weird. Less than 100 people care to know what Rachel thinks, but she was able to create an international day…


Moving on, I found a video (!) of my new hero which is miss Crandall. I thought to myself "this is it…" This is the moment when miss Crandall’s beautiful, feminine face comes to life. I’m sure she won’t sound like a South Park character…

Well, fuck. How many unfortunate characteristics can a person have? On top of all her mental illnesses, her fucking ugly face, her fat sweaty body, and her dangerously pointy nose, she sounds like a truck driver, she behaves like an autistic and she’s unable to form a sentence without stuttering. What a piece of work… No wonder the comments are turned off.

Is that the best the transgender community has to offer us? Can anybody please explain to me how can a person not make fun of Crandall? My problem, however, is not the fact that Rachel is a fuck-up excuse of a human, but the stubborn attempt of a community to force us to accept Rachel as the beautiful butterfly that she believes she is. What a clown-world.

I don’t not how much of a lol-cow Rachel is, nor how much milk she carries in her fat, smelly tits. But I couldn’t keep Rachel for myself… I had to post. Sorry for ruining your day.
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If all lolcowdom required was transgender obesity, then the forum would be filled with nothing but.

(Un)fortunately, the actual lolcows with those two traits have set an extremely high bar of exceptional behavior that needs to be met. Come back to me when their Twitter is filled with thousands of posts about their new, rotting fauxgina.

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throwing up before it wz kewl
I don't see how this is a cow. I mean....if you look past the fact she created the day locally (which then took off nationally it seems) this doesn't seem to be a likely source of the white stuff. no wild claims of biological womanness. No threats to TERFs etc. Just a regular tranny. If this ages badly and in about two pages we are in some awful spoilered images then my bad.


Nope, don't see any cow shit here. Just someone who thinks "lol trans people are subhuman, let's laugh at them all."

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