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  1. Lawbreakers was a pretty interesting game mechanically speaking, though design wise it's a very bland game, it's got a very samey feel to it and really lacks an clear identity. On one hand I think the failure of Lawbreakers is unfortunate, given that Cliffy was following alot of what people were asking of today's games. On the other hand, there's merit to the claim that he's a bit arrogant, and everybody likes to watch somebody haughty fall on their sword.

    I feel for the employees of Boss Key, you could tell there was a great deal of effort that went into Lawbreakers, in spite of it's failure. As for Radical Heights, I think it's pretty evident that game is horseshit, a last ditch attempt to save a company hemorrhaging money.
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  3. That sounds like one of those terrible budget games on PS2. Hell, it sounds like Drakengard, except without any of the things that made Drakengard interesting.
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  4. What tragedy? I'm not one of Cliffy B's investors.

    I mean, if you get hired by a AAA STARTUP the reasonable expectation is that it might not work out. People are meming on Cliffy B's hubris, not "ha ha a bunch of programmers lost their jobs and now they have to find new ones."
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  5. for our reading purposes:

    less coherent than some of the GabeN ones, but it's passionate. The fix six lines seem to berate his work in the context of his industry peers, while lines 11-16 seem to be suggesting new game ideas, features, and genres. Then it goes back to insults with some shaky reasoning. The last six lines seem to be emotional bargaining but like most letters t just goes on too long.

    Always interesting looking into the hive-mind of a higher dimensional being that hasn't fully gestated yet.
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  6. kiwifarms.net
  7. Emotionally? Sure. Financially? Cliff has spent his entire career playing with other peoples' money (unless you count Jazz Jackrabbit) and Radical Heights was the first bomb that was entirely on his bank account, though one could argue not being able to find investors post-Lawbreakers was the financial cost for burning Nexon.
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  8. A belated update: Cliff has spent the months since Boss Key's closure writing a book about his life and in particular about Epic, Boss Key, Lawbreakers, Radical Heights and what went wrong "in his own words". He provided an excerpt which is reprinted in this Gamespot article:


    Two months later, I can't find any info on when this book will be released, if ever. The tweets quoted in the article have (curiously) since been deleted, and if he's revealed anything else on Twitter since then it hasn't been noted by the media.

    I don't suspect it'll paint him in a sympathetic light should it ever materialise. The excerpt alone seethes of his usual arrogance.
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  9. SHEIGHTS was me.
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  10. I had no idea this game had already come and failed along with the studio. If only Cliff had made a Monkey Island version of Wuthering Heights like the name suggested to me. Probably would have lasted longer than 34 days.
  11. I love a lot of what Cliff has been involved with over the years, but my Lord... I saw this thread for the first time last night and cringed my way through it.

    Radical Heights would have been endearingly shit if it had been a Unity project from a group of precocious teenage devs. Nobody would have played it, but it would have been a respectable attempt. The idea that a once-powerhouse developer actually thought it was a viable product is embarrassing, pre-alpha or not. I suspect everyone was well aware it was pretty dire and they were doing everything they could to tread water. At least Lawbreakers had some interesting mechanics.
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  12. All the clues point towards this being the case. Radical Heights was hastily conceived and pushed into EA in a last ditch attempt to generate revenue because Boss Key was burning through what little capital they had left to keep their doors open. I think all of them knew it was over when the studio co-founder Arjen Brussee left in December to rejoin Epic Games (a month or so after work started on Radical Heights).

    Employees started leaving in droves after that; shortly before BKP's closure they had a list of all their employees on their website and stalking some of the linked Twitter accounts I found that quite a few had left months before RH was announced and Cliff began pouting about Epic stealing his employees. This list was deleted because it was so out of date that only a handful of the people on it were actually still there when BKP closed.

    Funnily enough, their careers page is still up and listing numerous senior positions that weren't vacant last year. Notwithstanding everything else, that'd have been a clear hint their days were numbered. A company losing its key senior personnel tends to immediately precede closure.
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