Rags / @YourPalRags / 1-800-GET-RAGS / Lawrence "Tanner" Angyal + his altfurry sex partners - PC gaming and anti-SJW e-celebrity who's taking nudes and commissioning dog porn from the altfurry

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Arctic Fox

Let me out please...
I like Maulers' content. Always sucks to see someone I enjoy has a thread and is into weird shit or acts tarded online. Makes the content a bit weirder to watch. Same goes for Rags.

I like some of his YouTube stuff. Seeing where his pfp on YouTube is from was a disgusting revelation but what can you do? I hope his degenerate proclivities begin and end with weird art. It'd be shitty to add him to the irl dogfucker club. Is there anything on him actually liking that besides the furaffinity cancer?


The future is shemale
I know this thread isn't very active or interesting, but I went and did some digging around Rags' family background out of sheer curiosity. I didn't find anything shocking, but:
-his parents co-run an architectural company
-his brother is an assistant professor at University of Arkansas
he doesn't have the highest opinion of Rags

To recap: Tanner's parents run a successful business and his brother is on track for a stable career in academia. Meanwhile, our boi is running a sinking youtube channel, commissioning borderline bestiality porn and hanging around alt-right furry degenerates.