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The Good Scout
Today, I bring you a wonderful gift. Meet Rain Florence.

A Fruitarian (who still eats celery), avoids all those terrible seeds, nuts and grains (oh those terrible glutens, yet still eats figs), and drinks her own piss... and applies it to her face.

She was one child, Bubba, almost 4 years old, who she still breast feeds to this day.

Oh, and she poops like this when out on the town. At home, she prefers to poop on paper and collect it for her garden.

She used to live in Arkansas, and Texas until she became concerned about CPS so she moved to Ecuador.

And she dreams of collecting many more Ecuadoran children to breast feed. 50 sounds like a nice round number. God told her to do this.


The Good Scout
Okay, she looks... surprisingly normal for a cow.
Is there anywhere she overreact to someone criticizing her though?
Outside of moving to Ecuador to avoid CPS, I haven't really seen her chimp out. It would probably be easy to get her to blow, but I am not tempted to mostly because she seems insane enough in her own right.
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Phil Ken Sebben

The Potato Whisperer.
Being a fruitarian is bad enough. No credible nutritionist will ever recommend it as you miss out on certain vitamins and minerals and looking at her she's don't look too healthy. The urine drinking is just fucking stupid. There's no health benefit from it at all. Yes, it's mostly water but your body is trying to get rid of it. It's a waste product and it's never a good thing to re-introduce those into your system.

As for the rest, she seems genuine if misguided. Don't get me wrong, she's definitely completely cray cray but usually cows have to have the chimpout factor and while moving to South America to get away from CPS is extreme, unless she's got a manifesto video somewhere where she calls out the President and blames the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission and Mr. Rogers as secretly conspiring against her then I'm not sure if she's going to be more than just an oddity.


He's just this guy, you know?
True & Honest Fan
Breastfeeding burns calories like crazy, so if she's constantly lactating AND not getting enough nutrients because she omits major food groups, that would explain why she's unnaturally skinny.

Other than that, I'm seeing a kooky lady who's still on the non-cow side of the fence.

Super Collie

spuper colly :D
True & Honest Fan
I knew she looked familiar. H3h3 did a reaction video to one of her enema videos. She has quite the uncanny valley face.

Ethan and Hila did a second video on Rain on the other channel called "Revisiting the Memes":

She's just as whacked out as ever, and they touch on the whole "period blood hair dye" thing as well as the breastfeeding bit. Hila has an especially nice jab regarding "letting the child stop when he wants to".


mixed with Sonic
Usually you can find why a kooky person likes to stay in their made-up world, but how is piss and blood remotely fun at all? What is her perceived benefit of this bullshit?

Check out this part of the urine video at 2:16. She almost throws up. Don't watch if you have a weak stomach.
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