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Can anyone explain who redtv is/was, and if he still has a channel. I started following drachenlord some month ago via reds streams.
I know he is a controversal figure, but it was just more fun watching rainers stream via reds stream.
There is literally nothing good about Rainers streams, you essentially have to watch/read the TL;DRs other people make where they point out the Lülülü (read: constant lying and hypocrisy).


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There is literally nothing good about Rainers streams, you essentially have to watch/read the TL;DRs other people make where they point out the Lülülü (read: constant lying and hypocrisy).
Oh I know. Chris Chans streams are pure art compared to rainers. I just wondered if redtv still restreams them. I read the Altschauerberger Anzeiger for a while, its quite good. But Rainer is minddumbening stupid and boring, so I lost interest.

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The Drachen-Game is kinda like watching a guy who kicked a hornets nest and continue to kick and try to swat the hornets. The best thing you can do is either completely ignore it, or watch from the sidelines.


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Does he still try to spin a pen - which fails miserably - to amaze the haiders? Is his imaginary girlfriend still "existent"?

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I wonder how many people from outside of Germany have gone on the Pilgrimage to his house?
I'd visit the Drachenschanze if I'm ever near the fine village of Altschauerberg. Seems like a nice tourist attraction and Drachenlord seems like a pretty cool guy. Wish there was more Drachenlord material in English cause this guy and his fandom are hilarious.
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It's as if Drachenlord comes from a long family line of illustrious dragonlords who wield immense power and live in grand castles housing the most powerful monsters, the finest baubles, and suck the life out of maidens imprisoned in crystals. Then between World Wars 1 and 2, it was obliterated as a result of collateral damage from carpet bombings. The reign of the Dragonlords ende'd and so did the pull they had over many of Europe's resources. And according to the German government, it was good riddance and well within reason not to include them in any war reparations. All that remains is the Drachenschanze, a forlorn haus in a quiet town, containing one man left with nothing but memories of better days and all of the decay and filth it's accumulated. And he really doesn't like visitors.

It is still one of the most popular locations to visit in Germany, which is impressive for such a nigh-uninhabitable abode.
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There is a ban on public meetings August 19-21 in Rainers village because trolls on the Internet said people should visit him and teach him what fear is. Even before this many trolls on the internet said they want to visit him on August 20th because there is a celebration in his village.

Assholes already visit him nearly every day.
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German news reports of Schanzenfest 2018.

Once again, this guy and his fanbase mystify me. I couldn't imagine hundreds of people strolling around 14 Branchland Ct, setting off fireworks and burning shit, and then having to send in riot police to boot them out. Is there really nothing better to do in Germany?

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My guess is the same would have happend to chris if his prime time would be now. The internet became way too much of serious business and hurt feelings.

Count Dankula has posted an update mad lads video on Drachenlord


- Apparently after the first Schanzenfest , they tried to do it again but the police blocked access to the town.
- The government has gotten so tired of the bullshit that they used a broadcasting law that requires people
who broadcast with over 500 viewers on average to have a broadcasting license, denied him a license and​
banned him from youtube.​
- He switched to a different platform from which he control viewer count to keep under 500.
- And... he now has... a pornhub channel.

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