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What's gonna happen next?

He lost his trade licence and is now on NEETbux. Nevertheless, he still monetizes his videos despite being banned from doing so by the municipality! A literal short bus rider against the German bureaucracy: It is pretty clear who's gonna win that.

The Ministry of NEETism may also try to put him into some job creation programmes. That's gonna be funny. Honestly, such programmes are full of people like him and luckily, benefit cuts were abolished. It is unlikely though that Rainer in his current shape is fit for building highways. Well, usually, people with Rainer's IQ build nest boxes and baskets at sheltered workshops.

When will he get his trade licence back? Most likely Rainer himself doesn't even know that, the mere fact he uses the made-up phrase "gewerbeunfähig", like, "trade-unable" or "unable for business", instead of the factually correct "gewerbeuntersagung" - being banned from business - shows he has no clue about what exactly happened with him there.
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From the German thread, the Dragon Lord is reported to have released pictures showing him receiving a blowjob from a woman. Possibly leaked from a WhatsApp group he runs. Speculation on our thread and other forums is that the woman is either a prostitute, or, horrifyingly, a participant in a particularly vile BDSM game where she has been instructed to do the most humiliating thing any human being could do. They have been verified on the basis of comparisons to known video of his room, and the known location of various moles on his skin.

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Reminds me of this. Also my bets on hooker

Sorry about the no spoiler fellas
The one where someone throws a firecracker at us house is down, anyone have it?

The one where someone throws a firecracker at us house is down, anyone have it?
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