Trashfire Ralph & Warski go to Miami -

Will Zidan appear tomorrow?

  • Yes

    Votes: 27 10.4%
  • No

    Votes: 138 53.1%
  • Partial stream

    Votes: 95 36.5%

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Love that classic fat boy tactic of wearing your shirt in water. Just own up next time (that is if you decide to go swimming again).
He didn't even go swimming he sat in a Ralph secretion stew. Who is like, "Yeah I want to drench myself in that!"

Dude just own your shit. Hell make money off losing the weight. He could start an event where he starts going to the gym and try to make it a charity/fundraising thing. Take donations for weight tiers and donate 75% to JDF or something. He won't though he'll just Amber Reid it and get fatter until he's cruising WalMart in a Jazzy.

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Look at this goofy fuck :story: . @theralph there's absolutely nothing those guys can do to make you not look disgusting and ridiculous, you might as well take out your gunt and wave it around for our amusement. The more you try to not look bad the funnier it is for the A-log troll sperg incels. :story:
He looks like Nora's boyfriend knocked him up.

Okay now I’m confused. Apparently AG told someone to tell Andy that there was danger? And because it took Andy over five minutes to get outside AG got pissed off at Andy.

“I was trying to protect you...I will fuck you up! I was trying to help you!” -AG

Um what? :story:
Zoom told AG he was going to call the probation officer on Ralph for excessive drinking. And the whole time they were filming Ralph buying drink after drink. I believe this is what he was mad about.

Smarty Pants
Andy is a physical coward. He talked so much shit about Donga but he shits himself the second someone comes up to him. Ralph is a fat, drunk midget that hasn't worked out since jail, but he looked Andy in the eye and said "You weren't gonna do shit" this morning when they were having their make-up breakfast. It's true, Andy wouldn't do shit.

When a man knows for a fact that you wouldn't do shit, and not only that - you'll throw a massive bitch fit and freak out, he'll never ever respect you.


Welcome to Silent Hill Faggots
AG is now being a beytuh to Zoom. He's claiming that SoCal and him were doing all the work. Andy and Failure claim they do all the work. Which leaves Ralph in a stupor in a fine hotel room saying 'everything is fine'.

All the people involved are such prima donnas
AG out here selling himself.
"I'm a chill guy. I'm the clear headed
What was there a killstream set for tonight in the first place?
that's what Ralph said. Today was supposed to be a welcome back zidan stream tomorrow was dame and dick.
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