Trashfire Ralph & Warski go to Miami -

Will Zidan appear tomorrow?

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Discuss among yourselves who to donate to or I can pick one of my own. Don't shit up the thread discussing it.
In light of today's happenings, get yourself put on a watchlist and donate to the American Legal Defense Fund that one altright lawyer started


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Here's Ralph, tasteful as always, bringing a mass shooting back around to being about him BTFOing those pesky detractors. Smooth moves, Ralphamale.

Discuss among yourselves who to donate to or I can pick one of my own. Don't shit up the thread discussing it. Give back to the site you've spent the last weeks mercilessly shitting up


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Besides the overall trash fire the best part of the streaming was when Andy and co were walking around and those black kids followed them and gave themselves a instagram shout-out. And they kept asking if it was going on YouTube. I started cracking up when one of the niglets also asked "HOW IT DO THAT?" about 10 times and Andy clearly annoyed just said magic :story: :story: the kid was so low IQ another low IQ had to dumb it down for him :story:

Ok, but this is a gay technical victory. Which charity? Everyone decide on one somehow. No St. Juden though.
National Association for Children of Addiction

Obesity Action Coalition
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I would recommend Project Lifesaver

It is the charity set up by the Loudoun County police. The very police that Ralph tried and failed to drunkenly punch from that hotel couch.

About Project Lifesaver:
The Project Lifesaver program (PDF)Opens a New Window. is an electronic based tracking system for people with medical conditions such as Alzheimer's, Autism, or other conditions, that have a tendency to wander from home and become lost. The program allows Loudoun Deputies certified as Electronic Search Specialists to fit clients with a wristband transmitter that emits an automatic tracking signal. If the client becomes lost, the specially trained deputies will use a mobile antenna and hand-held directional device to help locate the client.
Project Lifesaver is funded through several local, state and federal grants. Since the program began in 1999, Project Lifesaver agencies have rescued over 2,483 cognitively challenged individuals successfully with no serious injuries or deaths reported.

Who knows your donation might save a sperg in Loudoun County who ran away from home. Your donation will ensure future lolcows will be saved for future mockery.
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These updates are about yesterday cause the site exploded.

Ralph makes good on meeting that fan from yesterday.

Ralph and Failure probably get the most excercise they've ever done in years and race.


Ralph and Andy have seemed to made up. The ship hasn't sunk yet.

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Will Ralph agressively counter-signal the shooter and further alienate his base? I imagine he will drone on endlessly about the shooting so as to avoid having to discuss events in Miami. Expect some weak punches to be thrown at Zoom before and short episode concludes.
If he's negative about the shooting, he'll lose the support of the (remaining) 148 GANG GANG exceptional individuals. However if he is positive about it he loses support from everyone else, and his last chance at entering heaven. Also I'm sure his PO would be unhappy about any positive comments towards the shooting.
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So Dick is going to be on tonight and they'll be talking about a mass shooting. Remember which episode which which guest discussing which topic was cited in the WSJ article?

This image is relevant. I believe this guy is either a Kraut or skeptic shill, but he hit the nose on the head with this one.
And @Memology 101 does not approve if they do.


Also I would like to point out since surprisingly nobody else has done this yet. Drumr828 called out Ralph yesterday on his alcoholism. Everybody forgot about it in the fiasco yesterday but this is a pretty measured response from the person Ralph trusted enough during the Knoxville trip to drive HIS car to the airport with Ralph sleeping in it. Still no call out from the pathetic faggot that is @Memology 101 since he is a hypocritical shit stain. Glad to see Drumr at least has some balls

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