Trashfire Ralph & Warski go to Miami -

Will Zidan appear tomorrow?

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Rabbi Yehonatan
Will Ralph agressively counter-signal the shooter and further alienate his base? I imagine he will drone on endlessly about the shooting so as to avoid having to discuss events in Miami. Expect some weak punches to be thrown at Zoom before and short episode concludes.
using a shooting to deflect attention from yourself
Tbh I would expect this from Ralph. I’m curious though, will he use this oppurtunity to bash the right wing “”””“alt-right white neo-nazis”””” to cement his position in Youtube? That would alienate his fandom though. ?
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A 30 minute video just to tell Ralph to stop drinking???
He explained the situation for viewers because believe it or not, a lot of people do not follow this stuff as closely as us. On top of that, most of the clipping channels have been giving deference to Ralph and not clipping any of his exceptional behavior so the absolute normie fans who don't keep up and rely on clipping channels are totally in the dark. It was necessary to actually give some context and a brief overview of the situation to people who otherwise will never know.

Also the video is meant to be an honest and sincere plea from a friend. Would you react well to a friend who confronted you about a serious problem with some shit tier one sentence response then walked off? It felt like an appropriate length.

Smarty Pants
He's going to read news articles about it, make Kekistsn jokes, probably dig through info on the shooter. Easy Killstream to do tonight.
Well according to this archive @zyclonPD has kindly provided, @Memology 101 isn't too thrilled about having it as a topic. I don't know which would be more hilarious - them getting Antonio's channel banned or nothingburgering a mass shooting.


This reply raises a very interesting point: Would Ralph be willing to disable the superchats in order to fulfill his journalistic duty to cover the shooting, be it in a responsible manner, or will he ignore it/simply brush over it. There's no doubt that there will be 148 gang gang superchats regardless, which even if not read out loud will be screencapped and sent to journos. It's possible that they delete them in real time, something that JF for example is known to do when his audience is getting a bit 3edgy4u.

The show tonight will be a sight to behold.
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I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream to lose weight.
He's going to read news articles about it, make Kekistsn jokes, probably dig through info on the shooter. Easy Killstream to do tonight.

It's a blessing from the whiskey gods, they'll make him guntstoppable.
I hope this gives memo a reason to finally kick that fat fuck of a drunk off his channel instead of being a spineless cuck about it.

''Can't Hunt The Gunt'' is a good one as well
  • Bragging about eating a burger out of the garbage
  • Attempting to bull charge someone who throws ice at you; only to run out of breath after 10 feet
You could hunt @theralph , but you'd definitely die of Mad Cow Disease.

Ok, but this is a gay technical victory. Which charity? Everyone decide on one somehow. No St. Juden though.
Just wait until tonight then, and donate to @Null.

Hail Mandalore
Ok, but this is a gay technical victory. Which charity? Everyone decide on one somehow. No St. Juden though.

science and technology for kids.
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Andy Cokeski
Makers mark is like 30 a bottle, Woodford is like 35. Assuming an average of 6 days a week and no bars, (so very generous) 720 a month or 8640 a year
You're probably being a little too nice to Ralph with that estimate. I did some really heavy drinking for a bit, so I've got a little experience here, and I'd guess Ralph drinks at least a fifth a day. On days he's noticeably drunk he likely drank a good bit more. When you drink from the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep, it takes about a fifth a day just to keep the withdrawal at bay.
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