Disaster Ramadan Bomb-a-thon 2017 Megathread - Making bad decisions while hungry


I'm wary whenever someone starts with the right-wing terrorism thing, since though it might be legit, i just feel it's people (not talking of anyone here, but the typical leftists defenders) making a way to deflect criticisms from radical islam, they try their hardest to avoid the subject all-together.


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The Sovereign Citizens and Lone-Wolf Supremacist terrorists are dangerous. However, you forget that lone-wolf Jihadi terrorist have a plethora of radical Islamist terror organizations willing to aid them in carrying out their attacks either via encouragement, funding, or training. The unfortunate fact is that a number of these Islamist groups have become sophisticated enough to have a political branch, intelligence branch, and military branch to aid isolated radicals carry out operations. To my knowledge, there is no right-wing or white supremacist group anywhere close to being in comparison to the former's threat level, scale or reach.
However, due to being nut-cases they tend to isolated and not work in groups, thus their sophistication and aims are minimal.

Jihadist have the desire and willingness to work together to develop paramilitary forces that desire to establish a caliphate. Combined with their belief that a better world is awaiting them if they die in battle, you are dealing with a threat no sense of self-preservation.
So, I could be mistaken, but I was under the impression that US lone wolf Jihadis don't receive much financial support from abroad. I don't really consider training to be a huge boon is because the internet has a wealth of information on how to blow things up, so it's not like training is hard to acquire. Like, unless they're at a camp or some shit getting IRL training, it's probably all the same thing as the right wing people get.

The encouragement angle is a good point. There's not really much unity in right wing groups, or at the very least, nothing on the scale that muslim terrorists have. Like at the very least, there's the divide regarding racial issues among right wing crazies.
@Marvin your sourced data includes things like the recent Portland stabbing as right-wing terrorist incidents. That was an act by a man with zero coherent political beliefs, who was shunned and excluded by both right and left-wing activist groups in his area for being combative and violent. It also includes the Discovery Communications hostage crisis, an act carried out by an ecoterrorist, as "right-wing".
Yeah, the Portland stabbing is a poor example. Superficially it's easy to attribute to right wing politics, but if you look closer, that argument kinda falls apart. (A slightly better example would be Sean Urbanski. But even that wasn't terrorism because it wasn't premeditated and he was drunk.)

Though I downloaded their dataset and I didn't see anything about the Discovery Communications hostage thing.
It categorizes all anti-government shootings in general as right wing, to push an agenda to minimize the impact of Islamic terrorism on this country.
Are there any other examples of them classifying left wing anti-government shootings as right wing? The Portland stabbing is somewhat easy to attribute to right wing politics, considering how the event went down. And as noted before, I couldn't find the Discovery hostage thing.
I can see how you would identify some dude who calls in a domestic and shoots the two responding cops by political affiliation, but is that terrorism? It seemed like 1/3 of those incidents were like that as well.
I think the guy calling in the domestic violence thing is pretty solidly terrorism. Apparently he was waiting to ambush them. There weren't any motivations other than trying to shoot cops. It's not like he was robbing them or anything like that.

Edit: Er, although, I will note that personally I believe terrorism is a bullshit term and really shouldn't be involved in criminal justice in general. So, I will say that I believe it's terrorism according to the loose legal definition.

I think you're confusing sovereign citizens with something else.
Yeah, sovereign citizens proper aren't really violent very often. Sometimes they can mutate into the more crazy anti-government people, but I think that's relatively rare.

Heh, and it's important to keep in mind, they're not always white.

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Not a bomb but very much Ramadan-related. The Indonesian government releasing this news right now is no co-incidence. Rizieq Shihab is a horrible nasty cunt as are the mob he leads.

Indonesian Muslim preacher named as porn case suspect

Indonesian police have named a controversial hardline Muslim preacher as a suspect in a pornography case.

Rizieq Shihab is accused of exchanging graphic messages and nude pictures in text conversations with a woman.

The cleric, who is currently in Saudi Arabia, has denied the accusations.

Mr Rizieq heads the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), which led mass protests against Jakarta's former governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama who was jailed for blasphemy last month.

Known for his fiery rhetoric, Mr Rizieq has been jailed twice for violence and disrupting public order.

In this latest case, Mr Rizieq is accused of violating Indonesia's strict anti-pornography laws by transmitting pornography to activist Firza Husein, who has also been named as a suspect.

Screenshots of what appeared to be text and picture messages between the two of them began circulating online earlier this year.

It's being seen by many as the height of hypocrisy. This is a man whose group's core battleground has been against sexual promiscuity, prostitution and alcohol.

His group campaigned for the very laws that their leader is now being charged under, the controversial anti-pornography laws.

To his supporters, Rizieq Shihab is a hero who embodies the true face of Islam. Now he is being charged with transmitting pornographic content with a woman who is not his wife.

Some legal experts have questioned why the police are pursuing this particular case. He faces six other charges including defaming the country's founding principles and first president, and blasphemy against Catholicism for questioning whether Jesus was really the son of God.

Police have repeatedly summoned Mr Rizieq for questioning since April, but he has yet to report to them. The preacher has been in Saudi Arabia with his family since late April.

An FPI spokesman told Reuters that the legal complaints were "unfounded" and "engineered to criminalise" clerics.

Mr Rizieq's lawyer has also said the allegations were fabricated by supporters of Mr Purnama, also known as Ahok.

Mr Rizieq is known to be a vocal opponent of Mr Purnama.

He and the FPI campaigned for months last year against Mr Purnama, a Christian and ethnic Chinese, claiming that he could not lead Muslims.

When Mr Purnama addressed these claims in a speech while campaigning for Jakarta's mayoral election, he was accused of insulting Islam, prompting even larger protests.

He was subsequently tried and found guilty of blasphemy.



OK, I've updated the OP to reflect the additional attacks over the past few days. I'm going to hold off on including the London Bridge incident until it's officially confirmed to be the work of Islamic radicals.


Not sure if this would s new, but this report says that some of the militants present in Mindanao are from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Pakistan and Chechnya:


The presence of foreigners - intelligence sources say the fighters have included militants from as far away as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Chechnya and Morocco - alongside locals in Marawi, has particularly alarmed security officials.

For some time, governments in Southeast Asia have been worried about what happens when battle-hardened Islamic State fighters from their countries return home as the group loses ground in the Middle East, and now they have added concerns about the region becoming a magnet for foreign jihadis.

"If we do nothing, they get a foothold in this region," said Hishammuddin Hussein, the defence minister of neighboring Malaysia.

Defense and military officials in the Philippines said that all four of the country’s pro-Islamic State groups sent fighters to Marawi with the intention of establishing the city as a Southeast Asian ‘wilayat’ – or governorate - for the radical group.

Mindanao - roiled for decades by Islamic separatists, communist rebels, and warlords – was fertile ground for Islamic State's ideology to take root. This is the one region in this largely Catholic country to have a significant Muslim minority and Marawi itself is predominantly Muslim.

It is difficult for governments to prevent militants from getting to Mindanao from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia through waters that have often been lawless and plagued by pirates.

The Combating Terrorism Center, a West Point, New York-based think tank, said in a report this week that Islamic State is leveraging militant groups in Southeast Asia to solidify and expand its presence in the region. The key will be how well it manages relations with the region’s jihadi old guard, CTC said.


The Maute group's attack is the biggest challenge faced by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte since coming to power last June. He has declared martial law in Mindanao, which is his political base.

His defense forces were caught off guard by the assault and have had difficulty in regaining control of the city - on Saturday they were still struggling to wipe out pockets of resistance.

On Monday, Brigadier-General Nixon Fortes, the commander of the army brigade in Marawi, was sacked.

An army spokesman said this was unrelated to the battle. But a military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters on Friday that Fortes was dismissed because not all his forces were in the city when the rebels began their rampage, even though military intelligence had indicated that Islamist militants were amassing there.

The assault came just months after security forces attacked the mountain lair of Isnilon Hapilon, a long-time leader of Abu Sayyaf, or "Father of the Sword", a notorious Islamist militant group known for kidnapping.

He swore allegiance to Islamic State in 2014, and quickly got other groups to join him. Most important among them was the Maute group, run by brothers Omar and Abdullah Maute from a well-known family in Marawi.

In a video that surfaced last June, a Syria-based leader of the group urged followers in the region to join Hapilon if they could not travel to the Middle East. Hapilon was named IS leader in Southeast Asia last year.

The Philippines military said Hapilon was likely wounded in the raids but managed to escape to Marawi, where he joined up with the Maute group.

According to a statement on a social media group used by Maute fighters, the group wants to cleanse Marawi of Christians, Shi’ite Muslims, and polytheists – who believe in more than one God. It also wants to ban betting, karaoke and so-called “relationship dating.”


Some officials said Philippines security forces became complacent about the threat from IS after the January raids.

"We did not notice they have slipped into Marawi because we are focusing on their mountain lairs," Philippines Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters.

Over the past few months, Philippine and Indonesian intelligence sources said, Hapilon's forces were swelled by foreign fighters and new recruits within Marawi. Many of the outsiders came to Marawi using the cover of an Islamic prayer festival in the city last month, said Philippines military spokesman Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera.

Lorenzana said that Hapilon brought 50-100 fighters to join Maute's 250-300 men, while two other groups, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and the Ansar Al-Khilafah Philippines, together brought at least 40 militants with them.

On May 23, four days before the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, they launched their attack when Philippine forces made an abortive attempt to capture Hapilon inside Marawi.

After the military retreated in the face of a phalanx of armed guards, about 400 militants quickly fanned out across the city, riding trucks mounted with 50-calibre machine guns and armed with rocket-propelled grenades and high-powered rifles.

Within hours, they attacked the jail and nearby police station, seizing weapons and ammunition, according to accounts from residents.

The Dansalan College, a Protestant institution, and the Catholic Cathedral of Maria Auxiliadora, were both razed, and a priest and about a dozen other parishioners captured. They remain hostages.

A Shi'ite mosque was also destroyed, and a statue of Jose Rizal, the Philippines hero of the uprising against Spanish rule, was beheaded.


Herrera said the attack had the hallmarks of a professional military operation. "There was a huge, grand plan to seize the whole of Marawi," he said.

After the initial battle, IS flags flew across the city and masked fighters roamed the streets proclaiming Marawi was theirs, using loud-hailers to urge residents to join them and handing out weapons to those who took up the offer, according to residents.

The military brought in helicopters to fire rockets at militant positions as ground troops began to retake key bridges and buildings, though some residents this has also led to the deaths of civilians.

"ISIS people were running on the street, running away from them. They were bombing them in the street (but) it hit our house and the mosque. Many other houses too," said Amerah Dagalangit, a pregnant 29-year-old in an evacuation center near Marawi.

"Many people died when the bomb exploded," she said, adding that a Muslim priest and children were among the victims.

Military officials said they had not received any report of the incident. Reuters could not independently verify the account.

The military has said 20 civilians have been killed in the fighting and that all were at the hands of the militants. It also says 120 rebels and 38 members of the security forces have been killed, including 10 soldiers who died from friendly fire in an airstrike.


Officials in neighboring Indonesia worry that even if the Filipinos successfully take back Marawi in coming days, the threat will still remain high.

“We worry they will come over here,” said one Indonesian counter-terrorism official, noting that Mindanao wasn’t very far from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

More than 2,000 people remain trapped in the center of Marawi, with no electricity and little food and water. Some are pinned down by the crossfire between the military and the militants, while others fear they will be intercepted by the militants as they flee, according to residents.

The bodies of eight laborers who had been shot in the head were found in a ravine outside Marawi last Sunday. The police said they had been stopped by the militants while escaping the city.

There will most likely be more civilian casualties in retaking the city, the military said.

"We are expecting that people will get starved, people will get hurt, people will get killed," said Herrera, the military spokesman. "In these types of operations, you can't get 100 per cent no collateral damage."

(With Reporting by Manuel Mogato; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan and Martin Howell)
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Yeah, sovereign citizens proper aren't really violent very often. Sometimes they can mutate into the more crazy anti-government people, but I think that's relatively rare.

Heh, and it's important to keep in mind, they're not always white.
Ages ago, somewhere in the SovCit thread, I posted a pic of a car I saw in the wild that was SovCit (KANGZ remix).
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