Campaign Ammo Randi Lee Harper and other "Crash Override" members - oh jesus christ

John disgusts anyone who has to interact with him. Randi is no exception.

Randi is also barely even a lolcow. Sure, she has the dangerhair and the whacked opinions, and other appurtenances and accompaniments generally associated with SJWs, but is ultimately more pragmatic and less of a scam artist than most of these.
Randi is full-blown lolcow, no 'barely' about it. You can be thankful for her contributions in breadcrumbing so many others, but she is deeply disturbed and unhinged & keeps fucking things up for herself every single chance she gets. I'm mildly amused by Shadman's art being posted on /v/, /co/, /aco/, but still think he's a lolcow too.

When you have enemy lolcow Milo Yiannopolous write a two-parter article vetted by legal on what's basically her ED article & life story, you are beyond a shadow of a doubt a lolcow for life.

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