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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Chris talking about inflation of currency being a bad thing is hilarious and extremely childish. Especially when he goes on about a fucking nickel. Then he also talking about giving money to the fucking needy.
Because he is the needy and is probably consciously, or subconsciously trying to get pity so that the next time he begs, someone will throw crack change his way.

Nurse Ratchet

So you got.. caught with a flat? Well..
True & Honest Fan

PT 940

Geez. I don't know what the worst part of this was. There's just so much to choose from (sort of like the the rest of his online career.) The correct-then-misspelled-then-correct spellings of nickel is up there though. I guess we could just make Hershey Bars a nickel again and fire most of the people that work for them but he didn't think about that, no doubt. And if he had an extra $1.45 I'm sure he wouldn't feed homeless people with it.

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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"Why, I remember when a new vagina cost a buffalo nickel. A fella named Jim used to take you out back behind a barn and carve it out for ya using a butter knife and widdlin' sticks! After, he would take your virginity for free. Now, it's all hospital stays and fancy dilation tubes and whatnot and no one will even touch it!."

PT 940

You can write people "snail mail" when they are in jail and a lot of places have jail/prison-specific mail that you can send email through. You have to be super specific about what you write and send and you have to read and comply to the rules exactly or your mail will be returned. You are almost guaranteed to get mail back if you send them money or send photos when you send mail (mind the rules about the kinds of photos that can be sent.)
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