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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Sarah and Steve are back. Again.

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Christ if "couples" social media accounts werent fucking annoying and spasticated enough, these 2 take it to a whole new level.

Also just a random thought, Chris has somehow gotten at least 3 people (possibly more) on board with the dimesional merge (Sarah and Steve, Sockness etc.)

Has Chris somehow unknowingly created a new religious movement/end of the world cult where they have literally made themselves into an ecclesiastical figurehead/god?

The Brown-Shirted Impostor, now with a Full Beard (NOT the Clean-Shaven or Goatee look as of which the One And Only Chris-chan sported) and a New hairstyle that is, as of now, not remotely resemblent to that of the TRUE and HONEST Chris-Chan, among which.
Ho-ly time machine. Just listening to the Kacey calls num 4 and 5 while stuck at home. Some pure gold quotes in there,getting the third degree aboot his navy drinking and pants poopin etc...

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