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If you really had to who would you sex?

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In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Given how he dressers in public I don't know if a mugger still mentally sound enough to "size up" a mark would consider Chris a good one. They generally go after people dressed decently or wearing uniforms of places that indicate some form of gainful employment.

With how Chris dresses and talks to thin air calling it "hubby two" most theives would move on assuming he's just another crazy wandering around looking for handouts. But then again I'm talking about the ones who are theives for a living and still have a sound mind.
He would still get BTFO by niggers.

The scary thing is that I can see this happening 1:1 if Chris ever went somewhere shady like Detroit or San Francisco
He'd be fine in Detroit as long as he doesn't venture outside of the downtown area. Even then, I doubt he'd be attacked as most people would assume he's a harmless crackhead who wandered in from the suburbs who generally get left alone unless they're trying to pull some fucked up crackhead scheme. If he came up to the wrong person at a bus stop and started preaching about the merge, though, yeah, he'd get shot.


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I reckon every mugger who sees him would probably assume he's a crazy homeless guy who has less than them.
Acting like a schitzo who's off your meds is actually a good defense when encountering a potential mugger. They typically decide you're too unpredictable and not worth the effort.

In chris's case, a mugger would look at him and go 'nah, his ree-ree's caretaker probably holds onto the money. Probably ties his shoes too.'


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So any word on if Chris has spent his tugboat (he got it a few days ago or at least by now) on Sega Genesis mini pre-order? He was practically kissing Sega's ass with how much he wants one despite owning most of the games he had as a kid plus God knows how many compilations on disc including the recent hexbox collection 🤔
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I like how some of the text in the cards is illegible because Chris decided to have the art cover the entire card.

This is what the cards his are based on look like:

View attachment 927118

How'd he fuck up the graphic design so badly on his cards?
To be fair, is anyone surprised he fucked up something as simple as "Only draw within the box" that badly?
But Im absolutely certain he'd warp it into a positive view, "I simply went Beyond the limited barriers and went Above and Beyond to bring these cards further to Life. In fact, with all this extra imagery compared to any other regular cards, Y'all should be happy I'm not charging Extra."


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A brony sexual predator and probable paedophile. He was at BronyCon 2019. As far as I'm aware, Chris wasn't a victim of his at all. But Chris will doubtless claim 'but he hurt muh fee-FEES!' or something similar. Grizzly's by far the more contemptible, but trying (as it appears) to make money by non-existent victimhood claims doesn't exactly make Chris look like one of the Three fucking Musketeers either.

Edit: handy YouTube video here.

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