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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Too drunk to kamehameha
The hell is up with the “Kra-Kow!” Thing he’s ending with recently?
I think its from Cars. That pixar rip off of Doc Hollywood with Larry the Cable Guy.

His catchphrase is “Among Which”, not the Medieval Capital of Poland.
I thought it was 'but I digress' or making spitting sounds like a 4 year old.

And as for the rest of chris's lingo, its a mix of in-jokes that only he understands and total non sequitur. I guess this is what english becomes when you hand it to a hyper-autistic hermit like him. Everything chris says lately has to be decoded like its some kind of exceptional pop-culture cypher. I might be able to forgive his butchery of the english language if he wasn't so damned smug about living in a garbage house with 9 court cases for outstanding debt.

Exceptional Chimp

Chimpin' ain't easy but it's necessary.
I don't get it. Is Chris referring to lolcows as Garbage Pail Kids? If that's the case I kind of love it.

Imagine DSP drawn like a demented cabbage patch doll.

Chris should just make those cards instead of the fap fic ones.
Garbage Pail Kids 2K2K:
No skill Phil
Tampon John
Dr. Pedo